BrainDead Episode 2: Let’s See Where It Goes

The second episode of the series goes by much quicker than the first. Helped along by a great “previously on” segment in the form of a folk song, the show seems to be finding its groove. Now that the main characters and their motivations have been established, the show moves more towards focusing on the plot. The plot is still ridiculous (in a good way) and it’s still unclear what the space ants want, except possibly world domination.

What’s interesting about the space ants is that they seem to be killing, either purposely or inadvertently, some of their victims. And yes, we do see another head explode, and this time the decapitated body along with it. This serves to bring in the character of Gustav Triplett, who had maybe five minutes of screen time and is already one of my favorite characters. He’s a know it all genius who decides to find out what was in the guy’s brain that caused it to blow up. He of course sees a space ant crawling out of the grey matter.

Now for the characters who didn’t explode. It looks like the space ants take people to their political extremes, while at the same time causing them to be health nuts and obsessed with a 1980s song by The Cars. In addition to Senator Wheatus, Laurel’s friend Abby and her brother’s Chief of Staff Scarlett, are both possessed now. In Abby’s case this makes her extremely annoying. In Scarlett’s case this led to a funny scene where she brusquely questioned the purpose of an investigator’s American flag pin.

In addition to the main plot of the space ants, the subplot of the government shutdown continues, and leads to betrayal by both sides of the Gareth/Laurel relationship. The two were pushed to play politics with each other by Senator Wheatus (possessed by space ants) and Senator Healy (just a douche honestly). In the end, provided neither falls prey to the ants, they’re pretty clearly going to end up working together/falling in love/something of that variety.

There are, however, a lot of space ants. And all of the currently possessed are doing everything they can to get their friends, family, and lovers possessed as well. And unfortunately, the ants can’t be killed with bug spray (though they can be squashed and then cannibalized by the others). Too bad the heroes can’t squish them all. This scenario pretty much proves why it’s always better to fight one horse sized duck than 10 duck sized horses.

Here’s to next week’s episode being even better and to me not blowing my own brain up next time I hear that damn Cars song.

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