ATX Exclusive Interview with Queen of the South’s Hemky Madera

Photo Credit: Bill Matlock/USA Network
Photo Credit: Bill Matlock/USA Network

Hemky Madera is best known for his work in the movies Cupidity, The Lost City, Yuniol, Playball, La soga, Caged Animal, Pimp Bullies, Rango, Joshua Tree, El Jefe, The Last Intervention, The Rooster, Problem of Evil, Biodegradable, Conversando entre tamales, Bless Me, Ultima, Turtle, Morir Sonando, Tumbleweed: A True Story, Primero De Enero, Cut, Rubicon: The Beginning, Supremacy, Murder in Mexico: The Bruce Beresford-Redman Story, The Preppie Connection, Agent X and Salvame. As well as his work on the television shows Law and Order: Criminal Intent, The Shield, Brothers & Sisters, My Name Is Earl, Weeds, Caribe Road, Luck, Burn Notice, New Girl, The New Normal, Bosch, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Leauge, Ash vs Evil Dead, Blue Bloods and the upcoming USA drama Queen of the South. While at the ATX Festival we spoke with Madera about the upcoming series and his role as Pote Galvez.

Could you tell us a little bit about your role as Pote on Queen of the South?

Pote is a hit-man, who then becomes a protector of The Queen. I am considered a killer with a heart.

What was your first reaction when you saw the script and auditioned for the role?

I loved it! I loved the novel La Reina Del Sur. I was a fan of the novel, and then when I got the opportunity to audition and it was offered to me, I was honored and excited for the challenge.

Is there a favorite scene you’re most excited for people to see?

Every scene is fun. I don’t want to give anything away, but I’m very proud of what we did. I’m proud of the job that we all did as a unit. Hopefully the rest of the world will watch it tonight!

What other TV shows do you watch?

Any show on USA, honestly. I love Mr. Robot. Colony is awesome. I’m a fan, I’m a TV buff, so I just love TV. (laughs).

Did you see the Mr. Robot twist coming the whole time?

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. (laughs). I feel like it was The Sixth Sense. I was like, “What?” I loved it, I really did.

How would you describe Queen of the South in five words or less?

A must-watch.

Since, our site’s called Talk Nerdy With Us, what makes you a nerd, or what do you nerd out about?

I love gadgets. I’m a gadget guy. I nerd out over every gadget there is.

Is there something right now that you’ve just got to have?

I would love to have the big, new iPad. I could watch my shows bigger. I just, I love it.

Queen of the South airs on USA tonight at 10/9c.

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