Alive & Well Release “From Basement to Beaches” EP

“Alive & Well’s EP, From Basements to Beaches, embodies so many things I love: music that reminds me of the sunny beaches of California, aggressive riffs where I can feel the members’ emotions, and lyrics that hit home on so many aspects of my life. What more could you want in a pop punk band?” writes Fuck Yeah Pop Punk.

San Diego-based pop punk/rock band Alive & Well released their second EP this past Friday. From Basements to Beaches consists of four tracks that encompass the concept of confronting difficulties in one’s life, and keeping the mindset needed to survive those problems to continue being happy.

Lead singer Matt Vernon stated, “Bad things will happen; you’ll have to encounter heartbreak, death, and tragedy, and you’ll have to move through it.”

From Basements to Beaches EP is meant to aid listeners in making it through those tough times by instilling a more positive outlook for the future, despite the gloom that may be hanging over someone now. It reminds them that the gloom isn’t meant to last forever, that it’s only temporary compared to the good that will fill, and is still filling their life.

To help build excitement for the EP’s release, Alive & Well teamed up with New Noise Magazine to release the video for the song “Addictions” from the album. The song is written from Vernon’s perspective entailing his initial thoughts of people and their false pride when he moved to California.

Vernon says, “I found a lot of hypocrisy in people who were once alcoholics and [are] now die-hard vegetarians who would condemn me for my ways when, from my point of view, I felt like they were still being dominated by an addiction, but that they simply just traded out and got a sense of righteousness that they could tell me that I was wrong for thinking otherwise. The second verse goes into using the same comparison of former junkies who now live under strict guidelines of Christianity. In my eyes, I still see it as an addiction and [a] more tolerable force that will still dominate every aspect of your life. As an outspoken atheist, this song represents my view on having a less-than-popular ideology and complete lack of care about what people think about it.”

You can listen to and watch the video for “Addictions” at New Noise Magazine’s website here. Like their sound? Purchase From Basements to Beaches EP on iTunes.

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