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Laurel & The Love-in: First Album “Don’t Love Nobody” Released

Nashville rock and roll band Laurel & the Love- in released their very first CD, “Don’t Love Nobody” on June 24. The Deli Nashville called it “as rootsy as it gets” and the album was featured on The Vinyl District. “Don’t Love Nobody” is a Nashville throwback rock and roll blend of Southern Rock and bad attitude. Containing the singles, “Gonna Do” and “Got A Light” the CD highlights lead singer Laurel Sorenson’s searing, smoky, powerhouse vocals. Fans can stream the entire album and read an exclusive “First Date” on The Vinyl District. The album is also available for a free download on Noisetrade.

To celebrate the release of “Don’t Love Nobody”, Laurel & the Love-in played a very special album release show on June 25th, at Meal Ticket in Nashville, alongside special guests Milk People, The Bumbs and Katie Pruitt.

Laurel & the Love-in is Laurel Sorenson (vocals, keys), Ian Kendall (guitar), Michael Rasile, (drums), John Lattimer (bass) and Veronica Selby (background vocals). Sorenson says of the album: “When we’re kids, we watch movies, listen to songs and read books about what love is going to be like. ‘Don’t Love Nobody’ tells a coming-of-age story about the disillusionment that follows when those expectations aren’t met on the journey to self-reliance and ultimately self-acceptance.”


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Written by Arlene Allen

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