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The Maine and The Technicolors Release New EPs

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the maineFor those attending this year’s Warped Tour, there’s another reason to walk through those gates. Just in time for the opening of the 2016 edition, The Maine has released Covers (Side B), the follow-up to last year’s Covers (Side A).

This time around, The Maine fills their EP with songs from Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drake, and Shania Twain. The release of this is perfect timing for any fan of The Maine as its drop coincides with The Maine’s run on the main stage of this year’s Warped Tour. Physical copies of Covers (Side B) will be available on the tour or, for those not lucky enough to attend, online.


While Covers (Side B) is released, label mates The Technicolors will be releasing their own five-song EP, Sweat. The band took a decidedly different approach on their first new release since 2015’s Ultraviolet Disguise.

“With only acoustic guitars and beat machines and arcade synthesizers. A challenge like that yielded something cool,” said frontman Brennan Smiley. “It’s things like this that reveal our true character as musicians, songwriters, friends, people. Taken out of our comfort zone & forced to make something new of it… I was so surprised to see what came out of it, and even in doing things the opposite way we normally would, we were shocked to see how much of us was revealed in these songs.”

While the initial cassette release of Sweat quickly sold out, the EP is currently available online along with Covers (Side B).

Written by Nathan Badley

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