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WCW Melanie Scrofano

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Ok I admit, I haven’t actually watched Wynonna Earp yet, BUT it’s on my list to marathon in the future. I missed the first couple and by that time I couldn’t catch up in time to watch it as it aired. But don’t let my misdeeds keep you from crushing on Melanie Scrofano!

Melanie has been acting since 1999 but it wasn’t until Wynonna Earp that she was put in the forefront of everyone’s minds. Based on a comic, Wynonna is Wyatt Earp’s descendant who rids the world of monsters. So yes, it’s absolutely my kind of show.

The first season finale airs Friday night, and everyone is waiting with bated breath on whether or not there will be a Season 2. Fingers crossed it gets one, as I need more sci-fi in my life.

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Written by Jenni Bradley

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