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Farewell, My Love Premier New Music Video for “Burn Out the Night”

Alt-rock band Farewell, My Love is thrilled to premiere the new music video for their single “Burn Out The Night” exclusively on Rock Sound today! The video is a montage of their recent performances and highlights the incredible energy and emotion they bring to the stage. Fans can check it out now, here. Additionally, the band has announced that they will release a new full-length album titled ”Above It All” on July 22nd. For more information on Farewell, My Love, please visit:

When asked about the new music video, the band said: “’Burn Out the Night’ is a song about seeing straight through the people that build their lives on a false persona and use others for self-gain. It’s also a personal reminder that no matter how many temptations there may be out there to change you into something you’re not comfortable being, to always stay true to yourself and what you believe is right. Life is too short to fake who you are in order to fit in.”

Farewell, My Love recently made their return from a two-year break by launching their music video for “Crazy” exclusively on In a dark funhouse inspired video that would make even Tim Burton proud, the theatrical song is filled with whimsical melodies and jazzy horns over a swing beat. The track plays into the idea of being comfortable in your skin, by working through your shortfalls and growing from them. Check it out, here.

Formed in 2011 by singer Chad Kowal and guitarist Robby Creasey, Farewell, My Love has evolved over the years to create their own take on modern rock. By blending rock songs with sing-along ready lyrics, the group takes listeners on a journey with orchestral soundscapes. With the addition of Charlee Conley on bass and London Mckuffey on guitar, the four-piece has wasted no time in their career by releasing three EPs (A Dance You Won’t Forget – 2011, Mirror, Mirror – 2013 – #43 Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart, Wrapped Up In Pinstripes – 2014) and one full-length album (Gold Tattoos – 2013) via Standby Records. The band will release their newest full-length album Above It All on July 22nd.

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