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“Gotham” to Recast Poison Ivy for Season 3

© by Jessica Miglio/FOX

Get ready to say goodbye to little Ivy Pepper and hello to Poison Ivy.

According to TVLine, the young redhead will not only be getting a promotion to series regular when the new series hits screens this fall, but she’ll also be getting a whole new makeover.

Casting is reportedly underway to find a new Ivy in her late teens to replace Clare Foley who up until recently has been playing the plant obsessed orphan. So, who will be stepping into Foley’s shoes and assuming the role of the future eco-terrorist? Watch this space.

The coming season of the FOX drama promises to be littered with a number of new villains. Joining the aged-up Ivy are the Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy, the Tweedle Brothers and Talon along with Bruce Wayne’s love interest in the comics, Vicki Vale.

Gotham returns in the fall as part of FOX’s 2016-2017 lineup.

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