“Wynonna Earp” Episode 6 & 7 Review: “Constant Cravings” and “Walking After Midnight” Deliver Terror and Thrills

WYNONNA EARP -- "Walk After Midnight" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

There was a lot to like about Wynonna Earp’s sixth and seventh episodes, but there was also a lot that made me raise my eyebrow—like, for example, the fact that it was suddenly winter in Purgatory. That honestly felt like a jarring, abrupt transition, one which could’ve easily been avoided. Regardless of this not-so-slight oversight, however, both of these episodes managed to maintain the show’s trend of mixing terror and humor in a uniquely delightful way. Furthermore, they turned the spotlight on several supporting characters, giving the audience a chance to get to know them better, for which I was immensely grateful.

Let’s start with “Constant Cravings.” In this episode, Wynonna and Dolls face off against a family of cannibal Revenants while Waverly becomes the heir to a very unique legacy. Additionally, Wynonna decides to put a kibosh on her burgeoning romantic relationship with Doc and Waverly finally, FINALLY breaks up with her horrendous boyfriend Champ (can I get a HALLELUJAH!?). Basically, there is a lot of drama going down. In the midst of it, though, is an impressive amount of vulnerability—a vulnerability that allows viewers to garner a clearer picture of whom each of these characters are.

Dolls is an excellent example. Up to this point, he has been the definition of calm and collected. In “Constant Cravings,” we see him start to unravel due to an unexpected addiction to an unknown substance that supposedly boosts his strength and endurance. What is this substance? No idea. All we need to know right now is that he depends on it in order to keep doing what he’s doing, which puts himself and Wynonna at risk.

Then we have Waverly, who has been desperately seeking validation of her own worthiness ever since Wynonna returned to town. As we learned in previous episodes, Waverly is harboring some deep-seated resentment toward Wynonna for being chosen as the Heir over her. “Constant Cravings” delves deeper into these unsettled feelings, revealing the lengths to which Waverly had gone to prepare to take on the family legacy. More so, we see Waverly be gifted with a responsibility that is purely her own: she becomes the new “Keeper of the Bones,” a title that her late uncle Curtis had previously held. In doing so, Waverly’s storyline has now become intricately tied to the Stone Witch, putting her in an unforeseen amount of danger.

Personally, I think Waverly can handle it, especially if she continues to trust her instincts. I have faith that she will end up being a valuable player in the fight against good and evil. Hopefully, Wynonna recognizes this fact and stops treating Waverly like the junior partner of the group.

“Walking After Midnight” was similar to “Constant Cravings” in that it had several sub-plots going on at once. One of these subplots involved Dolls leaving town in order to justify the Black Badge Division to his mysterious boss. Quite honestly, I would’ve liked if the episode had spent more time on this instead of the awkward engagement party thrown by Waverly. I really, really wanted to know more about the supernatural world of which Dolls is a part, but, sadly, it’s looking like I’m going have to wait even longer to get any definite answers.

Instead, the majority of this episode was devoted to another character growth moment for Waverly and some unexpected bonding between Wynonna and Detective Haught, the latter of which made me very happy. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for these two to finally interact one-on-one and this episode didn’t disappoint. Between their chemistry and their banter, their scenes together were a pleasure to watch. With any luck, we’ll see them team up again in the future—if Detective Haught is around in the future, that is!

Of course, the crux of this episode was the revelation that the Stone Witch and Doc are bound together; hurting one inevitably hurts the other. Could this be her Achilles heel? And what does that mean for Doc? I have a terrible feeling that Doc is going to sacrifice himself to take her down, which is something that I do not want to see happen.

Altogether, this episode left me with a plethora of questions. What kind of entities are the Stone Witch’s sons? How will resurrecting them release the Revenants from Purgatory? Are the Revenants bound to Purgatory due to a revenge curse cast by the Stone Witch? And what happened to Detective Haught? With only a half-dozen episodes left this season, I feel like answers are on the horizon, as well as what I’m sure will be even more questions. But isn’t that what makes truly great television great?

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