The Home Stretch of The 100 Season 3

I’m not sure how we got here. It seems no more than just a few short weeks ago that I was holed up in my room, a glass of wine in hand and ready to finally, finally be done with the hellishly long hiatus.

And yet, here we are, two episodes left and a hell of a lot to tie up in what doesn’t feel like a whole lot of time.

It should go without saying that Season 3 has certainly had its ups and downs, its fair share of controversies and gut wrenching, heart breaking moments. We saw a smile or two, a kiss here and there, brief, fleeting moments of something other than pain in our souls, tired bones.

But mostly, we just had pain. Lots of it.

And now, we barely have hope. ALIE has become a much, much more prominent figure on our screens, and Jaha has been that blood sucking tick we just can’t seem to get rid of. Our body count was high this season, for better or for worse: Lexa, Lincoln, Hannah, Sinclair, Gina…the list goes on.

Can it possibly get more painful before the end? With two episodes left and almost no hope for miles to see, what can we expect?

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no answers for you, and almost no solid predictions. Mostly just hopes and dreams, like our delinquents had, once upon a time.


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Jasper Jordan

Jasper I believe is the one chipped, and it kills me, it does. I can’t be sure when he took the chip, but I do have an alarmingly strong feeling that it’s him. In the sneak peeks for Thursdays episodes, Jasper is seen telling Bellamy not to go after Clarke, let her cool down–coincidentally, moments before she is attacked in the forest by one of Alie’s chipped followers. Thank all the gods that Roan was trailing her, too, showing up just in time–but in retrospect, it does seem odd that Jasper would advise Bellamy from going after her, right? Not to mention the eerie calmness he seemed to have when he was strung up on the rig, presumably to be tortured at some point.

And most of all, what kills me most, is the sneak peek in which he and Monty, at long last, make up. Jasper tells him he won’t be blaming anyone for Mount Weather anymore–he’s done. He doesn’t want to be angry anymore. They hug, I almost cry. And yet, I don’t buy it. He was asking too many questions about what they were looking for, what exactly it looks like, and why–ALIE wants answers, not Jasper.

Ouch, heart.

Not that the adventure squad or Roan is aware of it yet, but almost every single person in Polis–Grounders and Sky People alike–are chipped, and already, we know their plan to storm Polis and give the chip to Ontari will not go swimmingly (even less so than they predict). Jasper might know–but chances are, he’s going along and leading them right into this trap, and my heart will break.

The question is: will Jasper Jordan survive the season? Will we get a chance to really see Jasper recover from his trauma?


King Roan of Azgeda

Listen, maybe I’m a little optimistic here, clouded by my love for Zach McGowan’s work. Maybe I just want to believe in Roan–but for now, I’ll stick with that. Roan has the potential to be a good leader for Azgeda, and I still have so many questions: why was he banished? Where did he go? How long was his banishment? How did he get so skilled at fighting? Why was Lexa able to lift his banishment, not just his mother?

We need him for season 4, and I think him and Clarke have dynamic chemistry. They could be seriously great allies, just think about it.

I’m not sure how vital his part will be in this finale, but I do think that when it all starts to hit the fan in Polis next week–which, it sure will, that I can promise–Roan will stick by Clarke, Bellamy, and the adventure squad. It may be covert, it may be futile–I can’t imagine he starts taking out many of his own, right? Maybe he’s locked up?

But my small prediction is that Roan proves to be on our team.


Luna of the Boat People

Again, this is perhaps too optimistic of me–but I’m hoping, I really am, that Luna pulls through somehow. Will we see a glimpse of her in the finale? Will, with some time passed, she come to her senses and aid the Sky People who pleaded with her? I by no means think this will happen in time for her to take the flame–but I do think that somehow, she will come around.

That, or we wait to see her again until Season 4–but I just don’t see how she can come back as a character without her making the first move. The ball is in her court–so here’s hoping she still plays a role in this season. Bonus points if she and Roan somehow know each other, and there’s an alliance between Boat Kru, Azgeda, and Skaikru in the future. (That may be a stretch, but hey, a girl can dream!)



Bellamy, Clarke, and the Adventure Squad

This is it. Like the past two seasons, we’re down to the wire, and it’s looking bleak–hope is a foreign concept these days, and desperation is thick in the air. I think the group will come up with a plan for Raven (with Monty’s help, I’m sure!) to hack back into the City of Light, even if it’s for the briefest of moments–they’ll be assuming that Ontari will help them, or at least give over the information they need once they put the chip into her head and they threaten her.

Ontari, as we all know, is already chipped. This will not work.

Where does that leave us?

I’m still wondering if somehow, they’ll concoct a plan for Clarke to take some of Ontari’s blood. That, or will they figure that maybe, just maybe, Clarke has a period of time where she could take the flame before dying? Yes, this doesn’t add up, exactly–we saw how quickly it annihilated Emerson, after all (mere seconds, let me remind you). But–and I say this as the worst science student, forgive me–perhaps their radiation strong blood can handle it, much like they can handle being on Earth? Not to say that they’re all nightbloods–but can she withstand it?

Who knows? This, I’m sure as hell lost on.

Whatever it is, I am convinced that Clarke not only makes it into the City of Light, but she’s done so with enough of herself in tact. She’s still going to be Clarke. And more than that, she still needs the information off of that chip to destroy ALIE for good–there needs to be some solution, and it’s not Ontari.

Meanwhile, I think the Blakes, Raven, Monty, Harper, Bryan, and Miller will be spared–I’m quite sure most of them won’t even be going to Polis. My guess–Octavia and Bellamy, Roan and Clarke trek it to Polis, Octavia and Bellamy doing their best to be discreet. We’ve seen Bellamy do discreet before–half of season 2, actually–but not sure they’ll have quite as easy a time this go around. Will they be captured?


Indra, Pike, and Murphy

These three, on the run, may be the ticket to helping the Blakes–though to do exactly what, I can’t be sure. Perhaps they can somehow get to Ontari, extract the chip inside her from her neck and give her the flame–though, somehow, I feel this is quite unlikely. Even if they were to accomplish doing so, would she willingly help destroy the City of Light after seeing it? As far as we can see, she has no qualms with it–presumably, she entered it easily.

Regardless, I think there will be an interesting teaming up here–Pike and Bellamy, after Bellamy tricked him into his death, more or less; Octavia and Pike, after Pike murdered Lincoln; Indra and Bellamy, after she’s made it clear that all they could ever have in common is Octavia; and, well…Murphy, who has managed to become an adored fan favorite, and may or may not, in fact, have the least amount of blood on his hands.

Go figure.


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.30.46 AM

The City of Light

I have no doubts that the City of Light will be taken down–it’s just a matter of whether or not everyone inside of it vanishes with it, resulting in the deaths–or brain-dead? Would their bodies suffer? I think our heroes are as unclear to the potential consequences here as I am, which makes this problem much, much larger. They’re going in blind. They don’t know much of anything. Can they save people? Can they safely remove these chips, after destroying the City of Light, or does it need to be done before? Do they need to fry them first, like they did with Raven? I have so many questions and no possible answers.

Only that the City of Light and ALIE, I believe, will cease to be an enemy by the end of 3.16. That, I will write down with confidence. Mostly.


Skaikru, Grounders and the like

Will there be any potential for an alliance, once all is said and done? I guess, perhaps, that depends on the fate of everyone inside the City of Light–but regardless, many clans are still left in the balance, and I have somewhat of a hunch that Ontari isn’t surviving this. If she does, I’m not seeing her taking on the role of Commander–not legitimately, not without a fight. This only adds to my (unfortunate, because Rhiannon Fish is a gem) prediction that she won’t survive the season–I believe with her contending for Commander legitimacy, there is zero potential for Roan and Ice Nation to come to any peaceful terms with Skaikru, or any other clans.

There’s just no chance.

Rather, I see Ontari not surviving, and Roan leading Azgeda as king–perhaps making a case for Commander, as well? With the chips ceasing to be tradition post City of Light battle (because I see no scenario in which they continue their traditions of old), will there still be a Commander decided by the nightblood Hunger Games, or will they perhaps hold elections? Democracy?!

Or will it be all out grounder war? (Please, let it be the former.)

My real question: will the City of Light inhabitants survive long enough for Kane and Abby to make valiant returns to our screens? I refuse, I flat-out refuse to believe we’ve seen the last of them–which leads me to believe that the inhabitants of the City of Light can be saved, even with the destruction of the city. Too much progress has been made with their characters to just toss them off, and yet not nearly enough has been done with them to write them off, either. Time has been spent on them–just not nearly enough. Give me more Kabby relationship time! Let us see Chancellor (President?) Kane back in a position of power, which he’s finally, finally figured out how to do well, here on the Ground. Give me more Abby and Clarke mother-daughter bonding, reparations that are long overdue. Give me more Raven and Abby bonding, Raven clicking with the only true mother figure she’s ever had. Give me more fatherly Kane moments with his Blake children.

There’s not a chance they don’t make it. Right?


Mostly I think we’ll see a lot of desperation. I think we’ll get a chance to maybe see a Blake sibling rebonding–an apology from Octavia, maybe, or at least steps toward saying, “I miss you. I miss us.” I need that. While neither are particularly emotionally vulnerable with the other, I wouldn’t be shocked to see another scenario in which they’re seeing potential death right in front of their eyes, and get that moment where they go back to just loving each other–forgiveness.

What do you guys think? Let us know! Stock up on tissues, alcohol, ice cream, whatever you need–the next two weeks will be hard, to say the least. We can get through it. Together.

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