The Downtown Fiction Release Video for “Hepburn Shades”

The Downtown Fiction have partnered with Billboard to drop their new music video for “Hepburn Shades” today!

“Hepburn Shades” is a song from the group’s February release Alligator Tears, which is available to stream on Spotify or for purchase via iTunes. The music video has been released exclusively through Billboard and features the struggle of a main character’s (Matilda Lutz) conflict with herself.

Vocalist and guitarist of The Downtown Fiction, Cameron Leahy, explains, “[Hepburn Shades] focuses on modern nihilism, the glorification of death and the struggle to find optimism in a world that thrives on a suffocating brand of irony, condemning anyone who really tries. We shot the video in the desert, a backdrop for her desolation and desperation, that inner conflict. It was fun to watch [Matilda Lutz] go and capture the moment in such an epic environment.”

Personally, I have a connection with this video. Knowing what it’s like to struggle with so much on an intrapersonal level, this video speaks tremendous volumes, and may help to bring some understanding to those that may not suffer from similar issues. Consequently, more empathy is generated, which is sorely needed by those that do experience the conflict portrayed in the video. Unlike some music videos that are put out these days, this video doesn’t just entertain but sends an important message that needs to be heard loud and clear.

You can watch the video for “Hepburn Shades” here. Interested in listening to the rest of the Alligator Tears album? Check it out on Spotify before heading over to purchase it from iTunes.

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