Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (April 24th-30th)


BEST one-liner: the 100

“oh crap” – jasper jordan

Floukru has shown up to take the Delinquents to Luna, but they ask that the kids drink a potion first. Octavia downs hers without questions. Jasper follows suit, while Bellamy and Clarke look nervously on. Octavia collapses and Jasper realizes what’s next for him. “Oh, crap.” Oh crap, indeed (Contributed by Jenni Bradley)

most lovable character: Supernatural

Jesse and cesar

Over the course of eleven seasons, many characters have come and gone on “Supernatural,” and while some have had barely any effect on the show’s fans, others have debuted to wild fanfare. This is exactly what happened after episode 19 of the show’s eleventh season aired, in which Sam and Dean cross paths with another pair of hunters. What makes these characters so different, you ask? Well, this pair of hunters happens to be the first gay couple in the hunting community that the show has ever featured. Most important of all, though, the writer, Nancy Won, developed them in such a way as to make their sexual orientation a facet of their characters rather than their defining characteristic. If this wasn’t enough to resonate with fans, who appreciated the distinct humanness portrayed by them and Won’s avoidance of stereotypes, their heartfelt relationship was sure to do the trick. They complemented each other marvelously and won the audience over with their nuanced interactions. With any luck (and maybe a few nudges), the show will bring these two back in the future! In the meantime, I hope they enjoy happiness together; they’ve earned it. (Contributed by Jackie Bojarski)

Best kiss: grey’s anatomy

amelia and owen

After a season of going back and forth, Amelia and Owen finally decide to be together! With a little push from her sister-in-law (Meredith), Amelia goes to Owen’s trailer and delivers a classic Shonda speech! Amelia: “It feels like work because it’s going to be work. If you and I move forward together…it is harder. It’s harder to love somebody than walk away from them.” Once both Owen and Amelia are done discussing how messy they are and how they’re prone to screwing up relationships, they seal their newfound commitment with a passionate kiss.

biggest otp MOMENT: the 100

Bellamy and Clarke hug

It finally happened! The moment Bellarke fans have been waiting for since the Season 3 trailer aired back in December finally came to pass in this week’s episode, along with some much-needed fence-mending between the original delinquent leaders. Bellamy and Clarke have had quite a journey, individually and together, since they first landed on Earth. While these two have gone through many trials and tribunals together over the past two seasons that have deepened their connection and flourished their relationship, this season has been no walk in the park for them. After spending a good part of the season apart and at odds, they finally united with each other and the rest of their delinquent family, bringing about their much-needed heart-to-heart. After having yet another standoff with Octavia, Bellamy walks off away from the group where Clarke eventually follows to check on him. They have a heart-to-heart about the painful decisions that haunt them and the need to find forgiveness when Clarke assures Bellamy that they will get through this. “We need each other, Bellamy,” she tells him before tightly embracing him, and she is right. These two do need each other because after everything that they have gone through and done, they always have each other to fall back on and that is how they have made it through so far. It was equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting to see both of them just fall into each other’s embrace as they found the peace and forgiveness in each other that they couldn’t find in themselves. Here’s to hoping that they actually stick around each other now instead of getting separated once again, because the show is at its strongest when the delinquents, especially Bellamy and Clarke as their leaders, are together and relying on each other.

most swoon-worthy scene: outlander

Jamie and claire reconnect

When it comes to Claire and Jaime, the passion has always been palpable. However, in season two, their relationship has steadily gained new depth, instilling me with a new appreciation for their time-crossed love. There is a softness to them, a gentleness that speaks of healing and support, which is what we see in “La Dame Blanche.” With so much weighing on both of their minds, it’s no surprise that an emotional confrontation erupted. And while I was glad that Jaime spoke more openly about his trauma than ever before, I was also glad that Claire addressed her own fears and demonstrated a vulnerability that we rarely see in her. That’s why it was so important that the two of them reconnected physically afterwards. In a way, they were grounding each other, demonstrating that despite their demons, they will always be there for one another. It seems like their relationship is strongest in those quiet moments, when they allow their bodies to say what words cannot. It’s an aspect of them that I hope to see more of moving forward. (Contributed by Jackie Bojarski)

MOST emotional scene: lucifer

lucifer morningstar (almost) dies

Lucifer’s brush with death was superbly done, and the sheer raw emotion on Tom Ellis’s face as he begged his father–God–for a second chance was incredible. There was no hint of his usual flippant attitude; rather, he looked truly remorseful and clearly wanted to stay alive to help his friend. (Contributed by AJ Mullican)


laurel’s funeral

If Laurel’s final moments and passing in the last episode were heartbreaking, then this just brought the tragedy up ten notches. The beautiful way that the show paralleled Tommy’s loss and funeral in flashbacks with Laurel’s death and funeral in the present time made the whole thing that much more emotional and sad. It was maddening to see Ruve Adams use Laurel’s death as a way to tarnish the Black Canary’s legacy, which is why seeing Oliver uncover Laurel’s identity as the Black Canary to honor her legacy at her funeral was that much more satisfying. The loss of Laurel broke Team Arrow as all of them blamed themselves for her demise, in true Arrow fashion. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch everyone, especially Quentin and Dinah, come to terms with Laurel’s death as they lay her body to rest.

MOST HEARTFELT REUNION: fear the walking dead

nick and alicia

The Clark siblings’ relationship has never been smooth, in fact, it has been tense, but there is no denying that Nick and Alicia care for each other deeply. We saw it in season one, but it has never been more present than in “Ouroboros.” After having been separated and forced to fight against a herd of the infected, Alicia finally gets a moment, though brief, to see her brother. Covered in blood, the first thought that crosses her mind is that he has been bitten. The relief evident on her face and the tightness of her hug as Nick assures her that he’s fine is heartwarming, and it goes to show that even in a zombie apocalypse, family still matters. (Contributed by Allison Schonter)

cutest moment: the flash

wally meets the flash

Ever since Wally West was brought into The Flash universe, fans have been curious to see him interact with the Flash. Well, this week they got their wish. A star-struck Wally, who has figured out that his father is somehow involved with the Flash, asks Joe to set up a meeting with the Flash so Wally can thank him for saving his life. Joe is hesitant at first and with good reason since Barry can’t conceal his identity as well without his speed. Eventually, however, Joe gives in and sets up a meeting for the two where Barry stands in the shadows on a rooftop to hide his identity from Wally. It was honestly the cutest thing to see Wally fanboy over the Flash as he excitedly tells him how much the Flash’s actions meant to him. Keiynan Lonsdale perfectly captured Wally’s cute excitement in his performance as Wally was left with a stupid grin on his face after meeting the Flash. I wonder how he’ll react when he finds out his hero is the same guy who he’s been giving an on/off cold shoulder since his arrival in Central City.

MOST bittersweet MOMENT: the 100

the delinquents get on the dropship

The 100 has an amazing way of making things come full circle and making great callbacks to things that happened previously. This season has been full of contrasts and parallels that beautifully tie into the plot from the last two seasons. This week, we saw the show flashback to the weeks leading up to the launch of the dropship that brought the delinquents to Earth in the pilot. While the flashback was trying to flesh out more of Pike’s backstory, it also provided a great way to contrast the delinquents’ current selves with the young versions we saw of them in the pilot. It was heartbreaking to see how much they had all grown in only a few months and how much the world had broken them in this time. But it was also a great parallel to see the delinquents come together to protect each other for the first time in the flashback compared to their journey back to each other in the present time (well those of them that are alive anyway, sans Murphy). What took the flashbacks to perfection was the backdrop of a haunting cover of “Radioactive” that played as the delinquents made their way onto the dropship before launch, the pop version of which played in the pilot episode when the dropship landed on the ground.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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