Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly Superlatives (May 22nd-29th)


Most Badass Character: Game of Thrones



Sansa finally has it out with Littlefinger and it was great. Sansa just kept verbally nailing him to the wall with her graphic description of all Ramsey Bolton did to her. Brienne is behind her and is chomping at the bit to make mince-pie of Littlefinger. Did you know Ramsey was like that? Littlefinger: uh no, uh, well maybe I had heard but us….as he craps his pants. He knows he’s done. But Sansa lets him live, and now he’s the fly in the spider web. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Honorable Mention: Gotham (Fish Mooney)

Bad Guy/Girl of the Week: Fear The walking dead



Each week Chris just keeps descending further and further down a deep dark hole. The midseason finale found Chris holed up in a house with a gun threatening to kill a little boy if the boy’s father doesn’t get Travis, Chris’s father, to leave. When Travis knocks the gun from his hand, Chris runs. Could this be the new Chris, or is there still hope for him? Either way, his terrible decisions to continue threatening people lands him in this week’s Bad Guy spot.

Best Kiss: Stitchers



27 seconds- Let me start off with that. When a lost and distraught Kirsten shows up at Cameron’s apartment, she confides in him that she only feels at home when she is with him. In his pursuit to comfort her, they hug and there’s a building pause before they kiss (for 27 seconds). We fans would have preferred for the kiss to have happened when Nina was out of the picture, but after a season of learning new feelings and missed opportunities, at least we got something. Let’s work for a 3rd season so we can have more jaw-dropping Camsten moments! (Contributed by Allie Lanning)

Best Dressed: Supernatural



Rowena has the best wardrobe and makeup on TV right now. Her gowns are fabulous and probably hand beaded and her makeup must take hours for her eyes alone. This woman has style, even if she can’t be trusted. (Contributed by Debbi Bachman)

Most Swoon-Worthy Scene: Game of Thrones

Danaerys and Jorah say Goodbye


Not a dry eye in the house, when Danaerys has to say goodbye to Jorah. He finally says I love you, then shows her his grayscale.  She commands him to go find a cure because when she take Westeros she needs him with her. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Most Emotional Scene: Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester


Sam and Dean saying what they believe is their final goodbye in the cemetery where their mother is buried. Dean’s off to sacrifice himself for Sam….and the world. I’m still choked up. (Contributed by Debbi Bachman)

Most Heartbreaking Moment: Game of Thrones

Hodor’s  Death


Bran is warging into places he shouldn’t go, and ends up facing down the Night King and his army. He is marked, and everyone knows doom is coming. As they flee their sanctuary Bran wargs into a young Hodor, meanwhile Mira yells for Hodor to hold the door; young Hodor has a seizure and starts screaming ‘Hold the Door’ until all that he can articulate is ‘Hodor.’ His current life is lost holding the door as the wights break through and kill our steadfast hero. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Honorable Mention: Stitchers (Kristen wants to stay in the stitch)

Most Heartwarming Moment: Fear The Walking Dead

Alicia and strand wave goodbye


These two characters have had a tense relationship so far this season, and most of their interactions have consisted of Strand disciplining Alicia (don’t talk to strangers on the radio, don’t run on the boat, etc).  So the last thing anyone expected was for Alicia to be the only one there as Strand is being led out of Celia’s villa.  The wave goodbye is subtle, hardly a wave at all, but it is this brief moment of human connection between these two opposing characters.  It’s bittersweet.  It’s heartwarming.

Best Buddy Moment: Supernatural

Dean and Cas


Dean telling Cas that he considers him a brother while driving the Impala into town on a beer run. (Contributed by Debbi Bachman)

Best Plot-twist: The Flash

Barry Goes Back to the Past


The shocking season finale had a distraught Barry unable to cope with his dad’s death. Despite defeating his foe, Zoom, and getting a declaration of love from Iris, our beloved speedster makes an impetuous choice out of overwhelming grief. Barry races back to the past to stop his mother’s murder, thereby erasing the last two seasons and possibly affecting the other multiverses. (Contributed by Terri Clark)

Most ShockinG: The Flash

Man in the iron mask revealed


We finally learn the identity of the man in the iron mask! He’s Earth 3’s Jay Garrick and he looks exactly like Barry’s deceased dad, which drives our favorite Flash to dangerous extremes. (Contributed by Terri Clark)

Most Suspenseful: Penny Dreadful

Vanessa and the Orderly


We all know the orderly in the asylum where Vanessa is being held is going to become Frankenstein’s first creature. In addition to all of the other interaction between the two – some heartbreakingly tender, we sit on the edge of our seats wondering does she kill him? Does she not? Will we find out his real name?? Will Vanessa ever snap out of her trance? This is must see TV. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Performer(s) of the Week: Penny Dreadful

Eva Green as Vanessa Ives


Last week’s performer was Rory Kinnear, and he and Eva Green are the only two actors for the bulk of the episode. Eva as Vanessa Ives endures unspeakable torture in the asylum in the name of science – straight jackets, force feeding, scolds bridle- and the only light in the darkness is the orderly, Rory Kinnear (future Monster). This was an incredible showcase of astounding talent, as well as writing. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Honorable Mention: Ritesh Rajah as Linus Ahwlalia

This week, faced with the possible death of his father and the revelations that his parents know about the program, Linus finds himself grappling with just how much of a man he really is. The heart wrenching and tear-inducing scene with Ritesh Rajan and Allison Scagliotti blew us all away as we begin to learn the many layers of worry and fear buried deep within Linus and just how much he’s grown this season.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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  1. I thought Chris’s character development has been handled so well by Lorenzo Henrie. He’s obviously set up to be this mixed up, confused, teenager who despite Travis’s efforts isn’t being looked after, and after your mom getting shot by your dad? Couldn’t imagine what his mind’s like. Looking forward to him.

    I’m finding the superlatives a bit limited though, it’s all the same shows (Penny Dreadful, FearTWD, GOT – especially now FTWD has finished, SPN, Stitchers) – what about Outlander? Person of Interest, which is probably the best one airing/most talked-about right now? Wayward Pines? Even Grimm, NCIS has some half-decent scenes. Wynonna Earp could sweep the one-liners board. I’ve read a few superlatives and there just isn’t any variety.

    I appreciate the Sansa love though for GOT.

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