Stitchers: Three Reasons Why We Need a Season Three

STITCHERS - "All In" - Now closer than ever to uncovering the mysteries surrounding her family, Kirsten uncovers a shocking secret in the season finale episode of "Stitchers" airing on TUESDAY, MAY 24 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform. (Freeform/Nicole Wilder) EMMA ISHTA

I don’t do season finales well. Let me get that out in the open.

I can’t imagine anyone really does, so it pains me to say that tonight is the season finale of Stitchers. It’s been an exciting season and I know I speak for all of the fans out there when I say that 10 episodes are not enough.

Our community is in the process of gaining tons of support for season three. We may be small, but we are passionate and growing every day. The one thing that this group of people has taught me is that passion is infectious. Over these ten weeks, we have come together and thrown all of our support behind this series, and even after tonight; that growth and that passion will never stop.

The thing about Stitchers is that it appeals to everyone, no matter what you are looking for in a television series. Chances are, this show has got it. It’s so rare to find such a well-rounded show, that isn’t aiming to alienate it’s fans and has such awesome representation, it feels like we’ve hit a jackpot. That is why I encourage you to watch tonight and check out three (of the many) reasons on why we need a season three below.



The growth for every single character has continued to build this world up. Learning more about each character this season has been incredibly rewarding. We’ve all been apart of this experience. From Cameron’s new lease on life to Camille’s brother, and even Linus’ maturity. Each time we see a new side to these characters, it helps to remind us that these people could really be our friends.

We begin to see what fuels them, why they are the way that they are, and what their limits are. Paving the way for season three would mean continuing to open these characters up, explore their lives, and help all of us who love them so dearly; understand them even more.

For myself, I love Kirsten. She speaks especially to me in how she’s learning to discover her emotions. It’s not always been easy for me to classify how I feel and watching her grow has made my own development much easier to deal with.

Plus, watching these characters interact and grow with each other is a driving force for why a lot of fans have latched on. Camsten (Cameron and Kirsten) and Camus (Camille and Linus) are central parts of the show and it’s so hard to not fall in love with them.

We really find ourselves in these characters and by having a third season, we would continue that exploration.



Science is so cool. Solving crimes are so cool. Do you get what I’m getting at here?

Stitchers is so cool.

The Idea of nanobots brainwashing a person into murder? Inserting a live consciousness into a deceased individual? These things could only happen on Stitchers’.

A third season would mean getting to continue to build the world of Stitching and the technology behind it. There are so many possibilities that could be done with the stitching technology. We had the chance to see what a multi-stitch did a few episodes ago, and it opened up a whole world of possibilities.

Stitching is dangerous, this technology is dangerous, and season three could give way to showcase that.

Sci-Fi is cool…sci-fi that could actually be real, is way cooler.



I love mysteries. Whether it’s finding out about the program, or the secrets being uncovered about family, there is no shortage on mysteries. Each case that falls into their lap is one step closer to bringing justice to a loved one.

Those are important factors and it’s a critical part of the series.

Season three would mean more chances to bring us into a world of mysteries, to challenge us, to entertain us, and to make us really ask questions. It would give us a chance to expand our minds and to think critically when it comes to solving crimes.

Because of Stitchers, I know those who have been inspired and want to become scientists and detectives so they can apply those critical thinking skills in the real world. Remember, T.V. series’ can start a spark in someone and all it takes is a spark to start a fire.


So, I encourage you to tune in tonight. 10/9c on Freeform. Don’t forget to show some social media love by tweeting, Facebooking, or Instagramming tonight’s episode. Show Freeform that we want a season three and don’t forget that after tonight, you can watch anytime on Hulu or the Freeform app. Also, follow #Stitchers to show some love and to join our passionate community!

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