MCM Leslie Odom, Jr.

Wait For It…

Leslie Odom, Jr. was born and raised on the East Coast before moving to the West in the early 2000s. He has had a steady career since he began acting more than a decade ago.

Leslie had a few guest spots before landing a 9-episode arc on CSI: Miami. He then went on to star in the short-lived series, Vanished, also starring former WCW Ming-Na Wen.

Mr. Odom, Jr. had a few more guest spots (including TNWU favorite, Supernatural) before landing a role on NBC’s Smash. This lovely show only lasted two seasons, but it showed the behind the scenes of producing and starring in a Broadway production. So basically, the perfect show for a music nerd like myself.

Later Leslie went on to have a recurring role on my personal favorite, Law & Order: SVU, as Reverend Curtis Scott.

Leslie’s current gig can’t be found on a screen, tv or film. No, currently he is portraying Aaron Burr (sir) in Hamilton on Broadway. This gal will probably never get to see the show (unless it really does come to Houston then MAYBE I’ll get to be in the Room Where It Happens) but I have seen snippets of Leslie’s performance and he’s amazing! I never thought I would care so much about a 200+ year old dead guy but here I am.

Leslie can be found on Twitter where he often posts behind-the-scenes pics of Hamilton.

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