Little Known Movies Worth Your Time

Have I got a good one for you guys! This movie caught my attention a few months ago. It stars one of my favorite actresses and seemed like an interesting story. So I ended up giving it a chance. It’s now one of my favorite movies.

The Dressmaker


Kate WinsletLiam HemsworthHugo Weaving

Why I love this movie:

I will pretty much watch anything that Kate Winslet is in. Over the years, she has shown me that she’s an actress I can trust. She is willing to take on movies that might not make her a ton of money but are works of art. She outdid herself with The Dressmaker.

This movie is so much more than the trailer gives it credit for. At first, it makes you laugh so hard you lose your breath. Then it makes you cry a river of tears. Lastly, it lifts you up and shows you that there is redemption if you’re willing to fight for it. This story is so well crafted and the performances are outstanding.

What it’s about:

Tilly returns to her hometown after years of being away. Mystery surrounds her as the people of the town believe that she murdered a boy while in primary school. Tilly must find out what really happened, as she has no memory of the events, and navigate her way back into the good graces of the townspeople.

My personal score: A (Almost gave it an A+ but no movie is perfect.)

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