Exclusive Premiere: Charly Cole’s New Release, “Gray,” Takes on Domestic Violence

1Charly Cole was born and raised in Germany, far away from the country music genre she has embraced and represents. Coming from a small town outside of Frankfurt, Charly did not always know she wanted to be a musician, but she knew music would always be part of her life. Growing up, she was fascinated by the music her father would play and sing to her. She yearned to know their meanings as well as how to create something powerful enough to stir people’s emotions.

Drawing from her life experiences, Charly’s first album “Gotcha” tells stories that she feels everyone can relate to, especially young women. She believes that the album shows young women everywhere to know their power and stand tall, to be who they want to be. The album is produced and arranged by Chris Rodriguez and Ann Bailey.

Charly’s first break came when she appeared on Germany’s ‘Best Voice.’ After the young singer’s success on the show, she knew the only way to continue her musical career was to move to America. At the age of 16, Charly moved to Los Angeles by herself. She went to chase her dream of becoming a musician, ignoring any fears from within and without. Charly worked with many talented people to develop her sound and get her to where she is now – on the verge of breaking out. With a strong, powerful yet feminine voice, Charly calls to mind a young Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Shania Twain and Taylor Swift. These artists are also her inspiration.

Charly sets out to create music that inspires others through the lessons she has learned. Charly’s song ‘Everybody’s Pretty When They’re 18’ is the perfect example of the elements Charly wants to incorporate. Charly’s latest song, ‘Gray’ is about the serious issue of domestic violence. Here’s what Charly has to say about the song, “’Gray’ is a song very different from anything I’ve ever released before. That’s why it is the last single from the album. It’s a piano ballad with the topic of domestic violence. 1 out of 4 women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. It’s a topic very personal to me & I want to raise awareness with this song as well as give people that are going through this a song that might help their situation or at least make them feel understood.”

You can listen to the song here:

The track comes from Charly’s album “Gotcha” which was just released at the end of April, and has 14 tracks. It can be digitally downloaded from Amazon Prime Music, and iTunes. Many of her songs are available to listen to on her Twitter page.

In addition to her passion for music, Charly supports the Philip Julius Foundation. It was created in honor of her brother to support handicapped children. Charly also wants to found an organization that creates animal shelters across the globe. Apart from music and her charity work, Charly likes to explore the outdoors and ride horses.

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