Exclusive Interview with Scorpion’s Riley B. Smith

Riley B. Smith is most known for his role on the CBS drama Scorpion, playing Paige’s (Katharine McPhee) genius son Ralph. He can also be seen in The Back-up Plan and American Sniper. At 11 years old, Riley is a normal kid who loves comics, video games, movies and considers himself a ‘master’ Lego builder. We recently had a chance to ask Riley a few questions. Read our interview below!


Tell us about your audition process for Scorpion?

I was called in on a Saturday to audition for the pilot, which is unusual. There were maybe 20 kids there. Then they called me back that Monday at 10am and needed me to come in for the callback, but I had to be there at 12:30. So I was kinda in a rush to get there. I saw only two other kids when I went back. Then that night they called me and offered me the role and we started the pilot the very next day.

The garage seems like a cool set! What’s your favorite part?

I love all our cool props. Especially, Proton Arnold. I also liked when they made the brain costume for Halloween for Ralph.

Some of the things they have Ralph say can sound like another language to me. Can it be hard to memorize your lines?

(Laughs). It isn’t too hard, it just sounds like a lot when it comes from a kid!

Ralph doesn’t show a lot of emotion. Is it difficult to stay in character all the time?

It can be difficult when someone on set decides they want to goof off and try and make me laugh.

Do you ever wish you were involved more in the action?

I do wish there was more action. I love all the Mission Impossible movies. Although, I am not a huge fan of heights…

I’ve been a fan of Katherine McPhee for a while; does she ever sing for you on set?

She sings all the time, Elyes sings all the time, Ari sings all the time!

What is your favorite part about Scorpion?

I like the friendships that you get to form when you are on a TV show for a long time. I enjoy that I get to do what I love and go to school.

What’s your favorite thing about Ralph?

I really like that he is a genius. I get to learn at work. When I have to say a mouthful if I don’t know what they are talking about I find out. It usually helps me remember my lines.

When do you guys start filming season 3? What would you like to see happen with Ralph’s story line?

We will begin to start season 3 in July. I just want to see Ralph grow up and see how our writers have him fit into the team. He had a more active role in season 2. I hope season 3 is the same way.

I know you do a lot of voice-over work and you’re a comic book fan. If you were to voice a comic book character who would you want to be?

That is a hard one! I love Deadpool, but I am not sure my Mom would let me talk like him even in a movie. (Laughs).

As a fellow Lego builder, I’m not quite ‘master’ level, I have to ask what your favorite set to build is? My favorite is the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another stumper, I really liked the Monster Fighter Haunted House, but honestly, they are all fun.

Season 3 of Scorpion premieres next fall on CBS.


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