Exclusive Interview with Project Mc²’s Genneya Walton

unnamedShe may be young, but Genneya Walton is taking TV by storm as Bryden Bandweth on the series Project Mc², a show about science-savvy girls who are trying to join the spy organization NOV8. Genneya has a plethora of acting and dancing titles under her belt at the tender young age of 16, and she’s already shown that she has incredible drive and talent.

To begin, tell us about Project Mc²?

“Project Mc²’s overall message is that girls can be anything they want to be and accomplish anything as long as they put their mind to it. Relying on your own unique personality and brain means much more than looks ever will. Being smart and comfortable with who you are can get you so far in life and most importantly smart is the new cool.”

What can you tease about season 2?

“New characters, dancing, music, and plot twists. That is all I can say my friends! You will just have to watch to see! (Laughs).”

How many episodes will season 2 have?

“I am not sure if I can specify, but expect 6 to 12 episodes.”

What’s your favorite thing about Bryden?

“We are pretty similar so it’s super fun being me, but extra energetic!”

What’s it like to see yourself as a doll in toy stores? Do you ever have fans ask you to sign their box/doll?

“It is still to this day so insane and I do not think I will ever get over it. It is pretty awesome to say the least. Yes, some adorable supporters have asked for me to sign their toys. It is seriously my favorite thing meeting supporters of the show!”

My friend’s daughter has the Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook with the electronic lock. What’s your favorite tech product from the show?

“My favorite product from the show has yet to be released, but I assure you it is #AMAZEBLOGS! So in the meantime, I will tell you about my second favorite product which is the circuit beats. It includes a super cute cat ear headband that you will see this season and it allows you to play multiple instruments by connecting and tapping objects with moisture.”

What’s your favorite experiment that you’ve done on the show?

“The banana piano/circuit beats. I can not begin to tell you how amazed I was when I initially tried it out. The possibilities are endless with it which is what makes it so fun and definitely my favorite.”

You’ve also done dance shows—where did you learn to dance?

“I learned how to dance from multiple dance studios and dance conventions in the United States. Mostly because it is great to learn from different people and get different experiences.” 

How old were you when you first started dancing and acting professionally?

“I was around 12 years old when I started dancing and acting professionally.”

Do you have a special message you want to give to your fans?

“I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me and the show it seriously means the world to me. If you ever see me in person I would love to talk to you. It truly makes my heart happy when I talk to you all. I hope you enjoy the new season and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think as we continue to solve the new cases.”

And finally, this is Talk Nerdy With Us, so let’s talk nerdy! What kinds of nerdy/geeky things interest you?

“Not that it is ‘nerdy,’ but I love science so much and I intend to take up paleontology or biology later in life. When I was younger I was obsessed with collecting rocks and figuring out what type they were, and still enjoy it so geology may be a good option as well.  There is definitely more to geology than that, but I must say I am very passionate about science in general. That is one of my nerdy cool interests.”

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*Featured image photo credit Alex Kruk

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