Book Review: My Vampire, My King by Margy Millet

Elena, who is part vampire and part fae, has been given an assignment by her vampire leader; kill the Vampire King or all that’s left of her family will be eliminated. She goes undercover as a wedding planner for the Vampire King’s mating ceremony, and unexpectedly finds passion in the arms of a tall, mysterious vampire named Bash.  Nothing has prepared her for the smoldering desire she feels when he touches her.

I dislike spoilers in a review so I’ll stop there and just say that this unsophisticated and simplistic novel has a plot that is easily recognizable from the get go.  Sexy vampires have been the rage for a while now and this novel tries very hard to become the next great and sexy vampire series.  Unfortunately, even the frequent sex in the book cannot save it from mediocrity.  Truthfully, the sex, even if it was hotter than the sun, would still be boring because it is almost exactly the same with each encounter which is really too bad because who doesn’t like hot vampire sex?

The problem is that the characters are one-dimensional without well-developed histories or characteristics beyond the purely physical.  This makes it nearly impossible to care about what happens to them as the novel progresses.

I will say that the book is well-edited and that I found very few grammatical or spelling errors which makes any book easier to read.  I’m sure Ms. Millet worked very hard on this novel, but the truth is that it is forgettable.

My Vampire, My King is published by True Directions and can be purchased at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

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