Thank You Scientist Release Single Off New Album “Stranger Heads Prevail”

Thank You Scientist have released the lead single from their upcoming album Stranger Heads Prevail. Fans can now stream “Blue Automatic” exclusively with Substream Magazine by clicking here. Fans flocked to stream “Blue Automatic” upon its release causing the Substream system to crash within minutes of the song going live.

On the new song, lead vocalist Salvatore Marrano and guitarist Tom Monda say – “This is a quintessential Thank You Scientist anthem about dealing with depression which includes, among other things, vocal injury and a near-death experience with Carbon Monoxide at our former rehearsal spot.”

Stranger Heads Prevail will be released on July 29th via Evil Ink Records. Coheed and Cambria lead singer, Claudio Sanchez says of the band, “Thank You Scientist is a rare band that stretches the boundaries of the listener’s expectation. Their compositions are a tornado of complexity and style that compel the audience to stay present for every note.”

Stranger Heads Prevail is now available for pre-order. To purchase and to check out bundle options, head to Additionally, the band has put together a very special announcement video, which fans can watch below.

The band began work on their latest album, Stranger Heads Prevail, in late 2014 under the watchful ear of guitarist and primary songwriter Tom Monda.

According to Monda, musically the band wanted to make a rock record with multiple layers of compartmentalized detail, a la The Beatles “Abbey Road” or Queens’ “Night at the Opera”. “This record has a lot of attention to detail, which will hopefully keep people coming back for more. We wanted to make something that held up to both surface listens as well as tailor to listeners who are listening with a microscope of sorts. With more listens, I feel the songs unveil themselves more and more.”

Vocalist and lyricist Salvatore Marrano adds, “This is a deeply personal record for me, albeit positive, but I found myself continually needing to find the positive in all of the negative in our lives. We’re all just trying to sift through the bullshit to find a bit of hope.”

Stranger Heads Prevail Track Listing:

1. Prologue: A Faint Applause
2. The Somnambulist
3. Caverns
4. Mr. Invisible
5. A Wolf In Cheap Clothing
6. Blue Automatic
7. Need More Input
8. Rube Goldberg Variations
9. Psychopomp
10. The Amateur Arsonist’s Handbook
11. Epilogue: …and the Clever Depart


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