“Shadowhunters” Season 1 Roundtable


The Shadowhunters television series was a huge gamble to be brought back to life for the screen. The show had a lot to prove not only to the loyal fans of the books but to also try to gain a new audience in the process. With the exciting news of a Season 2, Shadowhunters has proven that it can resonate with not only book fans but to people who want to watch an exciting and different show. Now that Season 1 is complete, everyone here at Talk Nerdy With Us couldn’t wait to discuss it. My fellow writers and I talk about our favorite moments, our least favorite moments, favorite characters, and more!!

To start, who is a fan of the book series and who is a non-book reader? 

Sam: ”Yup, book reader. I’ve read this series over the past 7 years now.”

AJ: “Books. I loved the books.”

Terri: “I read the entire “Mortal Instruments” series and loved it, but have yet to read any of the subseries.”

Jackie: “I am definitely a book fan! I binged the five books in “The Mortal Instruments” series in a matter of two weeks, but I haven’t read any of Cassandra Clare’s companion series. Unfortunately, it’s been a length of time since I’ve revisited the books, so my memory of details is a little sketchy. However, I do remember most of the major plot points.”

Shamya: “I haven’t read the books yet, but I want to now that I’ve finished watching Season 1.”

Alexis: “I did not read the books when I watched the show so I had no prior knowledge of what the story would be.”

Christian: “I remember seeing a lot of controversy surrounding the books, but I never read the books.”

Rachel: “I’m a huge fan of the books! I read CoB, CoA and CoG a few years ago, and couldn’t put them down. Then, I, of course, read TID the back half of TMI and Tales From Shadowhunter Academy. I am also currently reading Lady Midnight. ”


For our book readers, did you have any expectations going into this show? 

Sam: “Surprisingly I didn’t, not from a story perspective. I chose to withhold judgment. The cast was a big drawing card. As soon as Dominic Sherwood was announced, I was pretty sold. His physicality was what I have always envisioned of Jace. The diversity of the cast, too, was thrilling. And everyone looked exactly how the characters were in my head! I was waiting for the casting of Magnus to really sell it, though. Magnus is my favorite and the guys I saw on Twitter who were publicly declaring they were going after the role made me more than a little wary, so when Harry Shum Jr. was announced, I knew the show was in smart hands. It was strange because I had no ideas for who I even wanted to do it, and then Harry was cast and everything slid into place: Yes! Of course, it’s him! Why didn’t I think of him before? Perfect! ”

AJ: “Given the poor rendition that the movie gave, I didn’t get my hopes up.”

Terri: “Sure, you can’t love the books, the characters, and not have some expectations. I hoped it would be faithful to the story, but more importantly to the characters.”

Jackie: “In all honesty, I really didn’t have any preconceived notions of how Freeform would adapt the series to television. Sadly, my expectations for the show weren’t very high, only because I had been so disappointed by the movie adaptation of the first book. My first hope was that they would do the series justice and be brave enough to incorporate some of the more controversial plot points of the books–for example, the Clary and Jace sibling storyline. In addition, I hoped that the show would feature more of Magnus/Alec’s relationship, which was kind of sidelined in the books and barely shown in the movie.”

Rachel: “I didn’t. I was simply excited that CoB (and TMI) had another chance at a screen adaptation.”

For our non-book readers, what interest(s) did you have for watching the show?

Shamya: “I heard a lot about the movie and how disappointing it had been for fans of the book, so I was interested to see what direction Freeform was going to take with the show. But honestly, the second I saw that Matthew Daddario was involved I was interested.” 

Alexis: “My interest for the show was for the world of Shadowhunters. I remember seeing the previews for the movie and finding some aspects that interested me but I never felt the need to watch the movie. Now that there is a television series, I can watch the story unfold in a more developed way than a 2-hour movie would.”

Christian: “I developed an interest for the series mostly because I really liked the cast. It was nice to see a diverse cast in the media.”

(All) What were your first impressions of the show?

Sam: “This is a tough one to answer, as I’d seen some of the character sides prior to seeing any footage. My first impression from that perspective was that the show writers knew what they were doing with the characters. That gave me a lot of faith. After seeing the first trailers, I was rather hopeful. Still withholding judgment, since editing can be very sneaky, but hopeful. Everything looked very good. The characters, the sets looked like they’d come directly from my brain.”

AJ: “First off, I was kind of annoyed that they aged several of the characters, including Clary. Part of Simon’s angst when he becomes a vampire is that he can’t go to school like a normal kid. Also, I just don’t think that Maureen’s story, if done according to the books, can have the impact it did if she’s older. I get that they’re trying to allow themselves to have more adult themes, but it still irks me. Secondly, they have yet to show Clary’s special power, which would have already been revealed by now. It’s like they are ignoring a massive part of the essence of the character. And Valentine was supposed to be blonde and hot in the books, not short and bald, lol”

Terri: “The first couple episodes drove me nuts as a fan of the books because there were so many changes. I mean, Hodge as a hot defense teacher? But about episode 3 or 4 I started to let those expectations go and just fell into the story.”

Jackie: “My first impression of the show was that it was worth watching. I was really worried that the show would be too corny, so to watch the first episode and be impressed with the special effects and the casting meant a lot to me. I also thought that the first episode did a great job of laying the foundation for the series.”

Shamya: “My first impression was that Simon was going to play a larger part in the group beyond just being human, and it turned out I was right! Alberto Rosende’s portrayal is some of the best acting on the show, so it’s nice to see him so involved in the Shadowhunter world.”

Alexis: “I thought the pilot was very fast paced. The beginning sequence really gave you the feel of what the atmosphere for the story would be. The show did not hesitate to jump head first into the action and the plot. If you were a book reader I could understand that eagerness to just dive right in, but being a non-book reader, I had to re-watch some scenes a couple of times. Then it picked up from there and I was interested.”

Christian: “Right off the bat I was hooked. Coming from being a big fan of things like Teen Wolf and other supernatural based shows this was right up my alley.”

Rachel: I really enjoyed the diverse casting (when it was being announced via Freeform on social media) and the pilot! I thought the writers and cast did a great job of exploring Clare’s first few chapters, while also beginning to tell their own version of CoB. Of course, there are a few things I wanted to change – like the population of the Institute, and the demon (it should’ve been a Ravener) that attacked Clary, but other than that I was quite excited to explore this world on-screen again!


 Book readers, has the cast portrayed the characters faithfully to their book counterparts? 

Sam: “This is another tough one to answer because, for me, the show writers have taken the book characters at their core and built on top of them. So I think the cast have done a good job at portraying the show’s version of their characters. Besides, everyone interprets these characters differently, and with most of the cast having read the books, I think they would have had their own interpretations, too. I wouldn’t necessarily call their portrayals faithful, but definitely attentive and very loving, yes. And I love what they’ve done so far.”

AJ: “I think that Kat McNamara does a decent job of playing Clary, but she’s a little whiny. Jace doesn’t have his trademark snark and sarcasm. And when did they decide to make Luke a cop? Part of his character’s charm was that he was a quiet bookstore owner…and that part also added to the shock value when it was learned he was a werewolf.”

Terri: “I would have to yes, I do think the cast members really tapped into the essence of their characters. That said, there were character changes that bugged me: the aforementioned Hodge, Dot, and Luke as a cop (I’ve since accepted this change).”

Rachel: “I completely agree with Terri!”

Jackie: “I think so! I felt like each of the actors and actresses grew into their respective roles and did an excellent job of making them three-dimensional. I loved that both Katherine McNamara and Emeraude Toubia brought a strength as well as a vulnerability to their characters, which made them relatable. I adored Alberto Rosende as Simon; his nerdy awkwardness, even as a vampire, never ceased to make me smile. Dominic Sherwood did an excellent job of capturing Jace’s snarkiness and inner turmoil, and Matthew Dadarrio was fantastic at showing Alec’s stoicism and shyness. My favorite performances, however, were those of Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus and Isaiah Mustafa as Luke. Each of them brought their own original spin to the characters and really made them their own; as a result, they’ve become my favorite characters in the show. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed everyone on this show.”

Who has been your favorite character to see come to life on-screen?

Sam: “Magnus, definitely. I’m so impressed with what Harry’s doing. He’s brought such a beautiful mix of power and vulnerability to the role and Alec, too. Matt has given Alec such heart and maturity and oomph. I do have a soft spot for Raphael though. I wasn’t a huge fan of Raphael in the books, I just never really got his deal until it was too late, but the writers and David Castro have made him one of my favorites to watch. He’s so charming and cool, but we’ve seen little pieces of something else going on behind that too. I can’t wait to see more of him.”

AJ: “Izzy. No doubt. I was highly disappointed in the movie version of Izzy, because she had no flair. Movie Izzy was all business, but Shadowhunters Izzy is, well, Izzy. She’s flirtatious and wild and sexy and fierce.”

Terri: “Hands down: Alberto Rosende. He IS the adorable Simon Lewis! But Matthew Daddario wins for being my new, hard-core crush. Sigh.”

Jackie: “Definitely Magnus. Harry Shum Jr. was perfect for the role, in my opinion, because he added so much depth to the character. He could be confident at times and insecure at other times, which made him intriguing. I especially loved watching his relationship with Alec develop because I think that Alec brings out Magnus’s softer side. Hopefully, we get to see more of them together in season two!”

Rachel: “Simon, Izzy, Alec and Magnus. (Yes, I know that’s half the cast!)”

Non-book readers, do you have a favorite character in the series so far? 

Shamya: “My favorite character is definitely Simon. There’s so much to explore with his character! Even though he claims to be in love with Clary, there’s also Camille roaming around and raving about how she and Simon will forever be connected. From the portal we also see that there is a chance that something could happen between him and Izzy in the future.”

Alexis: “My favorite character would have to be Isabelle. She is fierce as a Shadowhunter and is comfortable with who she is and isn’t afraid to be sexy and stands true to what she believes in. She embraces her strengths and her flaws and makes no apologies. She is dedicated to her family, especially her brother and I truly respect that.”

Christian: “It’s so hard for me to choose because I love every character SO MUCH. I like Clary because she’s purely good, and I like Alec because I feel like I relate to him a little. With that being said, I think Magnus is my favorite. There’s something fascinating about someone who’s been alive for so long that can still find the capacity to love and care for people as deeply as he does.”

(All) Has there been a specific character (actor) that stood out to you, surprised you?

Sam: “David Castro. I did not expect to like Raphael this much, but I do. I absolutely adore him, as well as Dominic Sherwood. I’d seen him in a couple of things before, but he’s just settled into Jace Wayland so well, like it was made for him. There is always so much going on behind his eyes. He has fascinated me this season.”

AJ: “Hmm…I was pleasantly surprised by Izzy’s character portrayal, but I don’t know about “stand-out”…I mean, what does it say about the show if the one “stand-out” performance is the only one that stays true to the books?”

Terri: “It was interesting to see Isaiah Mustafa in the role of Luke. At first, I couldn’t see past the Old Spice Guy. Hello, those spots are brilliant and he looks fab in a towel. But he’s really impressed me with his leading man charisma and gravitas. I think he’s proven a great fit.”

Jackie: “I think the character that most surprised me was Isabelle. In the books, it took me a long time before I really started to like her as a character, but in the show, I liked her immediately. She was confident without being cocky or demeaning; strong without being untouchable; and, surprisingly compassionate. I’m really excited to see what happens with her character next season.”

Rachel: “Definitely Alec and Isabelle. It took me longer than one book to develop an emotional attachment to the Lightwoods, however, their portrayal on the show has impressed me! I care about both siblings immensely. I’m emotionally invested in their well-being and happiness. I’m already on #TeamLightwood.”

Shamya: “I was completely blindsided by Hodge’s betrayal! I suspected Lydia since her arrival, but I never thought that Hodge would give the cup to Valentine.”

Alexis: “I was surprised with how much I liked Simon. Usually, when you have a third member in a romantic situation they tend to be annoying or desperate trying to get into the main character’s love life. Simon was none of that, and he was a true friend who yes has unrequited love for Clary but I think in time he will have his own love interest. He grew on me as a character because he just seems so lovable. Sure he has his moments of being too in love with Clary that makes me wonder how Clary hasn’t picked up on anything, but as a character, I can see him really evolving in the series.”

Christian: “I’m not going to lie here, most of the reason I started watching was because of Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. (I think Glee will follow me for my entire life), but I really was taken by surprise by Izzy (Emeraude Toubia). Obviously, she’s beautiful and Emeraude is an amazing actress but in the episode when we found out that she’s really smart in the lab too. It was refreshing to see a woman who owns her sexuality also thrive at other things.”

(All) What do you think makes these characters so different from other characters we have seen on television?

Sam: “What makes them different for me is that a lot of them go against trope. The women back each other up instead of competing, the LGBT characters aren’t “token gays”, and the girl in the middle of the love triangle doesn’t lead both sides on. A man was the one being married off when usually it’s a woman. There is no unnecessary drama for drama’s sake, like Camille causing a stir between Alec and Magnus. I completely expected everything to go downhill in a fit of jealous insecurities just like it did in the books, just like it would have in any other show. And then it didn’t. Color me impressed.”

AJ: “Sadly, despite the aging of the characters, I don’t think they stand out much. Strip away the Shadow World and it’s just another teeny drama.” *Shrug*

Terri: “First, they aren’t cookie cutter, teen stereotypes. You’re seeing teens who are concerned about issues bigger than themselves, bigger than one world. They’re dealing with issues of diplomacy, tolerance, diversity, cultural beliefs and more. They’re becoming leaders who challenge the status quo while trying to save the world and have a life and romance.”

Rachel: “Again, I completely agree with Terri!”

Jackie: “One of the most impressive things about these characters is how different they all are. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own personalities. It makes the show interesting and gives viewers a multitude of opportunities for connection and investment in the story. While I wouldn’t say that they are different from other characters on television, I would say that each one is unique within the show itself, which is just as important.”

Alexis: “I feel that these characters are bringing a more mature side to teenagers or young adults than we have seen in the past. When you have young adults in a television series they are dealing with high school, jobs, young love life, drama, etc. Here you have a mythical world but the characters are dealing with life and death situations and that might be a refresher to an audience who may want to see something different. The characters are going beyond the teenage angst so everything has a significant outcome. Also, the fact that these characters are open with their sexuality and that there is no shame or concern about it is great for an audience that is now in a time where embracing one’s sexuality is important but can also be the most normal thing in the world, and that is an amazing thing to witness.”

Christian: “I think these characters are different from what we’ve seen because they all seem so open. While there is obviously the plot pushers that involve hiding some things and keeping secrets, for the most part these characters keep it real with each other.”



Book readers, in terms of the plot for season 1, how did it compare/contrast to the plot of the books? 

Sam: “Overall it was better paced, I think. They brought the right things forward to fill in the gaps and explored more of the off-page environment. The Downworld side of things is one of my favorite things and I hope we get to see that explored more. I think taking the focal point off Clary also helped strengthen the story immensely. There was just so much we didn’t get to see in the books because we were stuck behind her eyes. I like the ensemble structure far better. This is the main reason why I was so onboard when a television format was announced”

AJ: “I’m not sure why they’re speeding through the plot when they theoretically had multiple seasons to flesh it out. It feels very sloppy and rushed. There is so much more to explore in the books. I’m disappointed that so much seems to have been skipped over and other things have been added that just don’t seem to actually add anything to the story.”

Terri: “I’ll let someone else break down point-by-point changes.  I read the books too long ago to remember everything. I know there were a lot of minor changes, some composites, things that were completely off-book and other parts were borrowed from Clare’s other series. At a certain point you either give in to the show’s interpretation or you drive yourself batty picking it apart and can’t enjoy it.”

Jackie: “In regard to the plot, I think the show took several detours but essentially arrived at the same major plot points as the first book. They even incorporated plot points from the other books in “The Mortal Instruments” series, like Jocelyn waking up–which I initially wasn’t happy about because I thought that it could’ve been postponed for at least another season–as well as bits from Clare’s companion series. Doing so made the first season of the show much less predictable and much more exciting. For the most part, I was pretty happy with how the writers chose to adapt the books to television. I was especially grateful that they didn’t shy away from the “Clary and Jace as siblings” plot point because not only does that force the two of them to grow as individuals but it also challenges the viewers to question how they see their relationship. While I will admit that, at some points, the show seemed to be rushing through plot points, I was altogether satisfied with their adaptation.”

Rachel: “Like Jackie said, the show took many detours, but got to the same ending point as CoB. I enjoyed the twists and turns. It kept me on my toes. I knew Simon would become a vampire, but I was impressed with how they turned him. They shocked us by killing Dot and Pangborn early on. I also really enjoyed the introduction of Camille (from Clare’s TID), and the mention of Tessa (also from TID). The only episode that felt rushed to me was the finale, unfortunately. I think too much happened at once. It would have been better split into two hours. I also think Valentine got Jace too easily. I don’t think Magnus, Isabelle, and Alec could be taken down by Valentine’s shadowhunters so quickly. I think that fight scene needed more work (especially after the great one between Jace and Hodge).”

Non-book readers, as someone who didn’t know what was coming next, did the story keep you interested? 

Shamya: “The story was interesting, but I think too much happened within the span of one season. I definitely think they could have stretched out the storyline to explore more of Magnus and Alec. Even though I knew it was coming, I just didn’t think there was enough interaction to make the wedding scene completely believable.”

Alexis: “I was glad I was able to tune in each week and be interested. It takes a lot for me to be committed to a show and when I’m committed I really hope that it can deliver. The plot dragged for me in some places but I felt surprised with the twists and compelled to watch more so I feel that the show has a lot of potential going forward.”

Christian: “Sometimes it was a little predictable but even then I was interested in every episode.”

Book readers, did the season leave you satisfied for what is to come next in Season 2 or did you expect more?

Sam: “I think I was generally exhausted! (laughs). As a fan, the last thirteen weeks really took it out of me. The highs and lows, the cliffhangers, the jubilation…I was absolutely knackered. Right now I’m stuck between needing a break and needing the next season stat.”

AJ: “As you can see above, I definitely expected more! Maybe I’m too much of a purist?”

Terri: “Yeah, I’m excited to see what comes next. I just wish the season had been longer.”

Jackie: “Yes! Based on where this season left us, I’m very excited for the next one and to see what the writers will do with it. Although I wasn’t crazy about the season finale cliffhanger, I do think it’s setting up for a compelling second season. The fact that Jace chose to go with Valentine makes me want to see what happens next. With any luck, the second season won’t end that storyline prematurely; I want them to take their time with it and give Clary and Jace some time apart this season, which will ultimately make their relationship stronger.”

Rachel: “I’m very excited for a longer season two!”

(All) What about the season surprised you? 

Sam: “The attention given to characters like Alec, Isabelle, Magnus and Luke. They were largely secondary in the books, so I was pleasantly surprised at the effort that was put in to give them their own storylines. All of the main characters were equally involved in the telling of the overall plot. That, and how the show flipped a lot of tropes. You see enough of something in other shows and you expect it to be the same. I was surprised it wasn’t, gratefully so.”

AJ: “All the changes from the books. I was hoping that the TV show would have an advantage over the movie by giving showrunners the chance to stay more true to the books, but sadly they seem to only be using them as a very loose guideline.”

Terri: “Alan Van Sprang was phenomenal as Reign’s King Henry II. Sexy, wicked and fierce, he stole every scene he was in. Unfortunately, the writers haven’t given him anything worthwhile on Shadowhunters. Yet. I hope they write to his talent.”

Jackie: “I was surprised by how quickly this season seemed to move through the plot points of the first book because I had assumed that they’d take a more leisurely approach. I was also surprised by how friendly they made Isabelle toward Clary. In the books, it takes a long time for Izzy to warm up to Clary, and in the show, it seemed like the two of them became near-instant friends. Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised by the build-up toward Malec and how they went about developing their relationship. It was a slow-burn approach, to be sure, but it was worth it in the end. Other than those things, this season was like I expected.”

Alexis: “I was surprised by the fact that Simon became a vampire so early in the series. For me it felt really sudden and surprising that they would change his character that soon. He has to deal with a whole other world but I feel that it would be necessary so he could be involved in the action and not be sidelined throughout the season or always in need of saving.”

Christian: “I think the biggest surprise for me was the Jace/Clary brother sister reveal. I had read spoilers about the book but I didn’t think that they were going to go ahead and spin that angle. I think it brought up a really interesting dynamic.”

(All) What were your favorite moments of the season?

Sam: “Ugh, Malec. We just didn’t get to see that relationship build in the books, so watching it happen firsthand for the first time has been an absolute joy. I’m so grateful with how their story has been told so far. Having more of the Lightwood family dynamic was also another favorite of mine. Seeing our main squad interacting was always fun, too. That right there is what it’s all about.”

AJ: “I would have to say the moments when Izzy was in full Izzy mode. I missed that so much in the movie.”

Terri: “The wedding. Oh, how I loved the wedding! The clothes, the kiss, the reactions. It was everything.”

Jackie: “Malec kiss (obviously) and all the suspense leading up to it. Clary and Jace finding out they are siblings. All the fight sequences–whoever choreographed them, did a stellar job. The alternate universe episode, because of Nerdy Isabelle, and the flashbacks to Valentine’s first rise to power because I enjoyed learning more about Jocelyn and Luke.”

Rachel: “I had quite a few favorite moments. I loved when Simon was transitioning into a vampire and realized he was stronger and agiler. I really enjoyed The World Inverted, especially the nod to Luke as book-shop owner, Sizzy, and the mention of Church and Chairman Meow.  And, of course, The Malec kiss.”

Alexis: “My favorite moments of the season were definitely the fight sequences. I have always been a fan of well-choreographed fight scenes and when they are done in a non-cheesy way it makes me excited and engaged. Of course I loved the episode “Malec” because I was so happy for Alec to finally live for himself and not through his family’s expectations (Plus Matthew Daddario looked great in that tux). The wedding was actually very nice (plus the Malec kiss!!) and I loved Lydia’s dress and hair!!”

Christian: “M A L E C K I S S. No, but seriously that was a really important moment for me and it was nice to see Alec be happy for the first time the whole season. I think they handled the wedding very well because I was a little worried about Lydia’s reaction to everything because I was putting myself in her shoes imagining getting left at the altar but I liked that she kind of gave Alec the ok first.”

(All) What were your least favorite moments?

Sam: “All the side bits in Valentine’s dungeon of death. Barking orders to lackeys and injecting people just didn’t really make him all that formidable as a villain. A lot of talking, not nearly enough walking. Everyone had such a sense of urgency about stopping him and avoiding him and I was just watching him chilling out in his lair staring at Jocelyn like a creep and thinking “This guy? Really?”

AJ: “Probably Valentine’s over-the-top acting. He doesn’t bring any depth to the character. Yeah, Valentine Morgenstern is an evil, messed up dude…but he thinks he’s doing what needs to be done. He’s not just bad for the sake of being bad. Throw some nuance in there, man!”

Terri: “The World Inverted” episode bugged me because it was little more than a glorified commercial for Alice Through the Looking Glass. However, it gave us nerdy Izzy and Simon as a couple and that was awesome.”

Jackie: “Isabelle’s trial because that entire thing was ridiculous. Alec and Lydia getting engaged, for obvious reasons, Malec-inspired reasons. The death of Ragnor Fell, seriously, this character should have had more time on the show! Camille kissing Magnus (again for obvious Malec-inspired reasons) the weakening of Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond because it seemed too easy to drive them apart, their bond was supposed to be stronger than that!”

Rachel: “My least favorite moments were when Jace and Alec were fighting. I understand why they fought, but the issue with their parabatai bond bothered me. It’s not so easily broken or weakened, and I wish the show writers had stayed truer to that aspect. I also already mentioned the final fight scene in “Morning Star” which was unimpressive.”

Alexis: “My least favorite moments were unnecessary dialogue scenes that slowed the pace of the episode. I felt some scenes just dragged when there could have been another scene in its place. I felt each episode had its own story to tell and that kept me interested.”

Christian: “I can’t think of a moment where I was like “I hate this so much” but pretty much any time Jace and Alec were fighting it was causing me major anxiety.”


Non-book readers, did the season make you interested in reading the books or do you prefer being left in the dark and being surprised? 

Alexis: “I do enjoy being surprised so I might just hold off and probably won’t read the books immediately but I am interested to read at least the first book.”

Chrisitan: “I heard that it deviates a lot from the book and I really like the show, so for now I like to be surprised. I’m usually the one that reads the books and over analyzes everything to the point where it’s not enjoyable anymore so it was nice this time to take a step back and just enjoy the show.”

Book readers, is this show a good recommendation for fellow fans that may be hesitant to watch? 

Sam: “Depends on the book reader I’d be recommending it to. Because there are book readers, and then there are book readers. Those who are open to change, yes. Those who demand a 100% faithful adaption, not so much.”

AJ: “Not necessarily. It all depends on how much change you can handle. There will always be changes, but with a venue such as this that allows for more “breathing room” to be more true to the books, it’s a letdown. I actually haven’t recommended it to the person who introduced me to the books–I’m not sure I’ve even mentioned it–so I guess that’s my answer.”

Terri: “Yeah, I think you can get different things from the books and from the show. As long as you view them separately—and not with a purist’s eye—you can enjoy both.”

Jackie: “I would say so. I think that they just need to keep in mind that it’s not a straightforward adaptation and that it will be different from the books. Once they realize that, I think they’ll be less opposed to the approach that the show is taking.”

(All) Shadowhunters Season 2 is a go!! Will you be tuning in? 

Sam: “Oh, definitely.”

AJ: “Yes, but with reservations. If it doesn’t blow me away, I might not bother with watching the third season.”

Terri: “Definitely! I only hope they don’t play out the sibling thing too long between Jace and Clary. I found the movie and books so romantic and I don’t think they’ve really found that passion yet.”

Jackie: “Of course!!!”

Alexis: “Yes, I will be tuning into Season 2 because we left off on such a cliffhanger!!”

Christian: “Yes! I can’t wait to watch every episode live this time around.”

Rachel: Absolutely!

(All) What are your overall thoughts on Season 1? 

Sam: “First seasons are like first books – they’re introductory, they allow you to settle in with your characters, and they give you a foundation to build from. I think season 1 has done a great job of doing that. Everything’s ready for the story to really kick up a notch. I’m excited to see where it goes from here!”

AJ: “I think I said it all above (laughs). Too rushed, too many unnecessary changes, flat villain.”

Terri: “It had a rocky start, but it ended strongly. The characters are strong and well-played and that’s what will bring me back.”

Jackie: “I think that, overall, they did a good job of adapting the book material to television and making it their own. I liked that they incorporated details from Clare’s other book series and that they created unique storylines that weren’t in the books, like the alternate universe. While I wish that the show hadn’t rushed through some of the plot points of the first book, I understand why they did. I don’t think anyone would be able to stretch the first book to cover an entire season of television, so it makes sense that they had to go beyond it. I do hope that they slow it down in the next season; otherwise, I fear that they’ll cover all the books by season three and have no idea where to go from there.”

Alexis: “Season 1 I thought was really good at letting you into the world of shadow hunting. It was very good at keeping the audience engaged and not being a show where you’re in the fourth episode and you’re still not in the action yet. This season was faced paced, plot driven, and had twists I did not see coming. The cast has really gotten into their characters I can sense that there is a good rhythm and chemistry now that I thought was lacking in the first couple episodes. Overall, it was very enjoyable season and I can’t wait for the next.”

Christian: “I really enjoyed it. I was looking for something fun to watch because everything seems so dark and emo lately. While it was a little corny at times, sometimes that’s just what you need to get away. I can’t wait to see how everything develops!”


Thanks again to Sam, AJ, Terri, Jackie, Rachel, Shamya, and Christian for joining me, and a HUGE thank you to all the fans who are so passionate. Whether a book fan or TV fan, we hope to see you again in Season 2 and that you come to Talk Nerdy With Us for more Shadowhunters!!

What did you think about Season 1 of Shadowhunters? Did it live up to your expectations? Will you be tuning into Season 2?

Shadowhunters airs on Freeform.

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