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I traveled to Chicago for C2E2 a couple of weeks ago and had an amazing experience, as always. One of my top moments of this year was meeting Debbie Lynn Smith. I went to C2E2 by myself so I probably spent an abnormal amount of time talking with all the vendors and artists. What can I say, I was lonely. BUT I got to learn about new comics and books. And that’s how I found Gate of Midnight.

What drew me into the booth was a giant poster of a comic cat. I mean, a cat comic? I’m in. I started looking at the booth and Debbie struck up a conversation. It was a great experience getting to know her just a little and hearing about how Gates came about. Debbie also told me about how she, and other writers, decided to start their own publishing company because they didn’t want to ask permission to write what they wanted to write. After hearing all this, I just had to buy the Gate of Midnight trade paperback. And the first Pet Noir comic (the one with the cat).

Enough about me, let’s talk about the comic! I am fairly new to comics, I just started in the last couple years, so I am easily impressed. But this comic is fantastic. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I find it very entertaining and beautifully drawn.

Page 1 of Gate of Midnight

Gates of Midnight is focused around Raven Moon, a combat medic just back from war, and suffering from PTSD. Raven is unaware of the dangers that lurk in New York City. We quickly find out about the gates to other dimensions and the monsters that come out of them. Some monsters come for one thing, but others come to wreak havoc on our world. In Raven’s discovery of the Gates, she finds out that it was the events of 9/11 that opened these portals to other worlds. Gates of Midnight explores the possibility that the beasts from other worlds may not be the monsters, but humans may be.

Find the first 4 comics of Gates of Midnight here! If interested follow Kymera Press on Facebook and on Twitter.

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