MCM Blue October

If you’re not from Texas or if you don’t listen to alt-rock, then you might not have heard of Blue October. They are an alternative-rock band from San Marcos, TX and they just happen to be my favorite band of all time.

Fronted by lead singer Justin Furstenfeld, the band has been making music since the early 2000s. Their first album, Consent to Treatment, came out late 2000. This was followed by History for Sale in 2003. The single from this album, “Calling You”, was featured on the American Wedding soundtrack.

In 2006 Blue October dropped their third album, Foiled, featuring the extremely popular “Hate Me.”

Album number 4, Approaching Normal, came out in 2009 and featured “Dirt Room”, which is a bit graphic and not meant for younger audiences.

In 2011, album # 5, Any Man in America, came out and I was lucky enough to see Blue October perform a month after it debuted. My favorite song is ‘The Feel Again (Stay)” and it definitely makes me cry.

Blue October’s most recent album, Sway, came out in 2013. The single “Bleed Out” is another emotional one.

Their next album, Home, comes out at the end of April. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. As a long-time fan, listening to their music gives me life.

It might sound crazy, but listening to Blue October helps with my depression. Maybe it’s knowing that the lead singer suffers from it as well. Maybe it’s the lyrics. Could it be the melody and harmony? Honestly, it’s a combination of all that.

You can follow Blue October on Twitter.

And one more video. “Fear” is from their latest album and is another great song for depression. Enjoy.

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