iZombie: “Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be” Review

There were so many wonderful tie-ins in this episode! Major was fed Leslie’s super-optimistic brain, and Liv had to interview Brody from the bro-brain episode?! And the dog groomer that took care of Minor came clean to the cops? That’s some brilliant thinking on iZombie’s part. (Liv even attributed her attack on Boss’s goon to the stripper brain from last episode!)

RaviZombie2i’s confrontation with Major at the beginning of the episode was odd; wouldn’t Ravi be terrified talking to the most-likely-Chaos-killer? Maybe Ravi grabbed some weapons while Major was out. I’m glad Major has finally told someone everything, but nooo, please don’t hide the secret from Liv. This will definitely backfire at some point.

Blaine’s lack of memory continues to be surprising – and sad. It was so weird seeing him so helpless at Peyton’s hands, and oblivious to the machinations in the basement. His remorse towards Major was touching. In the finale, will he join the good guys? Maybe die a redeemed man? We’ll just have to see. (He could also be faking it, but I highly doubt that at this point.)

Dale is such a great character – even from what little we’ve seen of her, she’s witty, fast-thinking, and tough. Swapping out her vegetarian burrito for Clive’s bacon one was cold, but perfectly showcased her character. Later in the episode, she was incredibly tough and in full-FBI mode when she took down Major inside Max Rager. Let’s see more of her.

Major’s suggestion to turn du Clark into a zombie, cure him, and use him as a guinea pig was an absolutely insane idea that I never saw coming. Too bad he was caught by the FBI before he could do it. (Is du Clark suspicious of Major, now? He seemed to be.)

The case of the week was initially boring and hard-to-follow, but the culmination – finding out Coffee Guy Steve was a Lucky U dealer taking out the competition and working for zombies (and also Bailey’s murderer) was a shock. Benedetto’s role was great in this episode, too, and let’s hope we see more of him in the future.




The case of the week was a bit too complex for an episode this late in the game. However, the episode was redeemed by amazing tie-ins to previous episodes, the culmination of the Chaos killer storyline, more screen time with Dale, and Blaine’s weird amnesia.




  • Blaine being totally clueless about his own business was funny (and also sad). “Who’s John Deaux?”
  • No theme song in the opening? Noooo!
  • Peyton, gesturing to Liv reorganizing the cabinets: “Don’t eat a new brain until this is dealt with!”
  • Even though Rita is imprisoned, at least she’s not being used as du Clark’s new guinea pig. He showed some fatherly love, I guess.
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