Is Jon Snow Actually Dead?

Is Jon Snow actually dead? This is the question that has plagued Game of Thrones fans since the Season 5 finale in June of last year. In the final scene, Jon is betrayed by the members of the Night’s Watch when they all stabbed him to death. He was stabbed about 20 times, clearly enough to be rendered dead, but it wouldn’t be the first time somebody came back to life on the show. We see Jon Snow dead, but there are many theories as to whether he will return or not.

Earlier this year, pictures were released of Kit Harrington, the actor who portrays Jon Snow, on the set. The only difference from his previous appearances was that he was wearing a different costume than that of the Night’s Watch. Fans have attributed this fact to the fan theory that Jon will be resurrected by Melisandre, who returned to the Wall shortly before Jon’s death due to Stannis’ defeat. Since we have seen that the God of Light has the power to do almost anything, even resurrect people, it may be possible. Especially since the trailer showed Davos fighting to protect the body before members of the Night’s Watch could burn it.

The most prominent Jon Snow theory is related to his heritage. Many believe that Jon is not really the son of the late Ned Stark, but instead of Lyanna Stark, his sister, and Rheagar Targaryen. Rheagar had announced Lyanna the queen of love and beauty at the tourney at Harrenhal, and while the rumors say that he kidnapped and raped her, those close to him knew that he was a gentle man. An alternative scenario is that they were in love and ran away together. The Targaryen children were being hunted down and killed at the time, so it would make sense to ask her brother to protect her son by passing him off as Ned’s own bastard.

If Jon Snow were to come back, he would no longer be committed to the Night’s Watch since that part of him had died. He would be free to take back the North and pursue the Iron Throne. Only time will tell if Jon will rise, or if he really is just dead.

You can watch the Season 6 trailer below and catch the premiere this Sunday, April 24th at 9pm on HBO.

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