Gotta Get Fleek! @SonicStyles Blends Sonic x Fashion


Sonic Boots Pendant (Han Cholo)

Sonic the Hedgehog is a well-known household name, and now you’ll be able to incorporate the famous blue speedster in your everyday life with the Sonic Styles initiative from SEGA!

Marking the 25th anniversary of Sonic, the @SonicStyles Instagram opened to display their efforts to fuse the popular video game character with the world of fashion, art, and lifestyle!  This is just one plan of many SEGA has in honor of Sonic’s Big 25th – other collaborators and influences of our time with be joining SEGA as well in a multitude of projects to celebrate the event.

(Cr: Instagram)

Within the Sonic Styles campaign, you’ll see pieces from popular street fashion brands such as Recycled Karma and Han Cholo. Also seen at the Sonic Styles press review were Sonic-branded his and her face mask treatments from GlamGlow, where they also penned the hashtag #GamingandMasking, showing some this event’s scope beyond fashion!

Taking part as well is popular toy maker TOMY, who will be releasing new figures for Sonic BOOM, the television series depicting updated versions of the Sonic characters in a brand new adventure. TOMY will be releasing a figurine set named NYC Time Square Adventure in conjunction with the event, which seems appropriate as New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world!

Sonic Styles intends to give fans a reintroduction to the cool blue hedgehog by highlighting all aspects of Sonic in different forms of media! You’ll be able to keep up with all the activity going on by following the @SonicStyles Instagram and tracking the #SonicStyles hashtag!

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