Fuller House 411: “The Not So Great Escape”

In “The Not-So-Great Escape” Ramona wants to bolt from her new school. It’s her first week and things aren’t going well so Jackson offers his assistance. Things go woefully wrong, earning both kids detention. DJ and Kimmy disagree on their punishments and it becomes a point of contention between the best friends. Stephanie also pretends to be a single mom to get a date and Max gets to pick out a new puppy.

Here’s the Fuller House 411:

Best Moments

Worst Moments


Best Lines

Kimmy: Good morning Sister Wife.

Jackson: Whew, I’m exhausted. I was up all night erupting my volcano.
Stephanie: Whoa. Dude. TMI. (That’s right, Fuller House is naughty in a way Full House never was.)

Rapid Review

“The Not-So-Great Escape” was not-so-great. Stephanie had a better meet-cute with her coffee guy than DJ did with Matt. And the kid storyline didn’t hold my interest, although I liked the part about Kimmy and DJ addressing their parental differences. Barber demonstrated genuine regret, fear, and guilt in that moment. Something all parents can relate to at some time or another. Her scene was the best part of that storyline. The gag with Tommy was the funniest part of the episode.

Fun Facts

What was your fave part of episode 4? Was it Max and his bologna cologne? Meeting Matt? Share your thoughts below!

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