Exclusive Interview with Superhero Feed Creator Jumah Eid

Talk Nerdy With Us recently spoke with Superhero Feed’s creator Jumah Eid. The Twitter account, Superhero Feed has grown rapidly over the past two years. It is now one of the most popular Twitter accounts known for delivering news on superheroes, comics, movies, TV shows, etc. To find out more about Jumah and how his Twitter got started, read our interview with him below.


When did you first create the Superhero Feed Twitter account? 

“Superhero Feed was created sometime in November of 2014. For me, it just as much a hobby as it was a project. The idea was to create a news source that connects with its audience as a personality, and Superhero Feed does just that.”

Upon creating it, what’s one of the best things that’s happened on the account?

“Oh boy, that’s a tough one. We’ve had so many wonderful actors reach out to us and show support, we’ve had our partnership with ComicBook.com which has changed everything in the best possible way and we have our hilarious moments every single day on Superhero Feed. The followers are the ones who make absolutely any of this possible. The best thing that has happened on Superhero Feed is something that happens every single day, and this is the engagement and support by our wonderful followers. I respect them so much. “

How does it feel to have an influence on all the nerds/geeks who love your Twitter account?

“I feel serious about it. A quarter million people is quite the crowd, and those are people who share our words with their followers and so forth. That is why I feel proudly responsible for spreading the good word in any way that makes sense from Superhero Feed. I demand women to be respected, I demand people of color be represented, I demand the LGBTQ+ community be included and I will continue to do my part in putting an end to mental health stigma. Superhero Feed is a page that speaks up. Certain folks will try to tell me this stuff doesn’t belong on a geek page, but I’m more focused on helping those who feel they don’t belong in the geek community. Everyone should feel included and represented, and that type of open-minded thinking is the influence I want Superhero Feed to have on its audience.”

What inspired you to create Superhero Feed? 

“Passion for the culture and community. I’ve known for a very long time that comic book material would be something I’ll be talking about for the rest of my life. Some things you just don’t quit being a fan of and Superhero Feed was my way of expressing all that geek.”

How did you come up with the idea of creating it?

“I was a fan sharing news for my friends on my own account. Eventually, I found myself sharing more news than casual posts. I began to grow a following and next thing you know you have this hybrid of a news page and some wacky nerd’s account. I later polished that concept as Superhero Feed.”

Over the years, many comic book characters have been adapted into movies or TV shows. Who is one character that hasn’t been adapted for the screen yet that you would like to see? And who would you like to be cast for it? 

“My answer to this question is not one character but a team of characters, the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans would be that sweet spot between a superhero movie and young adult film. I’d love Logan Lerman for Robin,  Isabelle Fuhrman as Raven, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Beast Boy, Kiersey Clemons as Starfire and of course we already have our Cyborg in Ray Fisher!”

If you could pick one Marvel and one DC female superhero as your favorite, who would it be?

“For Marvel, it’s Jean Grey and for DC it’s Wonder Woman.”

What about your male favorite?

“For Marvel, Spider-Man no question. As far as DC, that would definitely be The Flash. The Flash is clearly the greatest superhero created.”

Are you more of a DC or Marvel comic fan?

“That’s tough because it breaks down to film, animation, games and comics. For comics, I read more Marvel. Right now in movies, Marvel is killing it. DC is untouchable with their video games and animation, and more of their films are about to roll out and up their cinema game. I simply can’t answer this one, they’re both my children.”

As a comics/superhero fan, what’s your favorite topic to cover? From either movies, heroes, villains, TV shows, etc?

“Movies! Always the movies as far as conversation. So much to discuss and debate and discover. I can talk about this stuff all day. Well, I’ve actually been talking about this stuff for years.”

As fast as your account has grown, do you have any hopes for the future?

“Well, actually we have a big announcement coming…”

Twitter can be a great way to interact with fans and other users, but sometimes it can get a little out of hand with mean tweets and other forms of bullying. Do you have any advice on how people can overcome that? How do you respond to negativity towards your account, if you come across it? 

“You can’t please everyone, especially when “everyone” is a quarter million people. The thing about negativity is that it has a stronger effect on a person than positivity. One hundred people can tell me “good job” and I’ll get a smile out of it, but one person insults me and it’s on my mind for the rest of the week. It’s a terrible game your mind plays but you become more immune to it over time, and so it truly does get better. The best advice I can give comes from a woman by the name of Peggy Carter, and that is to “know your worth”. Once you do that, the hate becomes so small.”

Since our site is called Talk Nerdy With Us, besides comics, what is something else you’d say you’re nerdy about? 

“I absolutely love anime! Death Note was my first series so I began pretty late, but began nonetheless. I’ve watched Black Butler, Naruto, One Punch Man, One Piece and currently obsessing over the greatness that is Full Metal Alchemist. And don’t ask me if I prefer subtitles dubbed anime. My preference is shaming.”

And I just have to ask…Team Captain America or Team Ironman? And, why?

“I stand with Steve Rogers. I believe superheroes should be able to do their work without government approval. That would be detrimental to their productivity. After the failure of the Ultron project, I don’t believe Tony Stark should hold any weight in a conversation about what plan is best for an entire country.”


Follow the official Superhero Feed Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SuperheroFeed

Follow Jumah on Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsjumah

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