Betty vs. Veronica? Time to Pick Sides This July with All New Betty and Veronica Comic Book

In keeping with this year’s trend of rivalries between two beloved comic book characters  (Batman vs Superman? Team Ironman vs Team Captain America?), now we are being forced to choose between Betty and Veronica!

Growing up, I could NEVER pick sides when it came to Archie Comic frenemies Betty and Veronica. Couldn’t do it. Betty should have been a natural pick for me as we shared some of the same attributes. Girl next door, athletic, always involved in every possible school activity or fundraiser, but I adored Veronica too. Her so black it’s blue hair, her fabulous fashions, and let’s not forget all the exotic vacations she gifted her friends. She may have been spoiled, but she was also super generous.

However, on July 20th lines will be drawn and sides will be taken! Legendary comic book writer and artist Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Catwoman) will debut the new BETTY AND VERONICA #1 which will pit the girls against each other after finding themselves divided over the takeover of the Riverdale’s central hangout, Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe.

According to Hughes, this will be a more updated look than one fans of the comic are used to. “I want my Betty & Veronica to be timely and relevant, but not dated in 10 years,” Hughes says. And although readers will have to decide for themselves in July which team to root for, as for Hughes, he has already made his choice. “I’m Team Betty, all the way,” he says. “That being said, Veronica Lodge is delicious good fun to write.”

BETTY & VERONICA #1 will hit comic book shops on July 20th featuring variant covers from some of the industry’s hottest talent and rising stars including Stephanie Buscema, Cliff Chiang, Veronica Fish, Francesco Francavilla, Chip Zdarsky, and more! Check out all the different variant covers here!

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