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Dash|Ten Announces Debut Album

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With less than a year under their belt together, Dash|Ten has accomplished quite a bit. Extensive touring has led to a stint on the 2016 Warped Tour. In addition to this, the band has announced the release of their self-titled debut album, set to be released May 21.

The album is meant to sound like when you walk into a garage where your favorite band is practicing,” said lead vocalist Corrin Campbell. “It intentionally lacks glitz and glamour. It is raw. We’re not out there to be a polished packaged item. There is a real story behind every song. There is real heartbreak behind every song. They’re very vulnerable and soaked in truth.”

While being funded by the U.S. Army, Dash|Ten is not to be confused as a simple promotion for the armed forces. Instead, they are like any other band, trying to express their unique experiences with their art.

Fans can see Dash|Ten at all stops on the Vans Warped Tour beginning June 22 and Dash|Ten will be released May 21. You can hear lead singles “What You Wanted” and “The Scene” now.

Written by Nathan Badley

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