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WCW: Molly C. Quinn

Photo Credit: Eric Blackmon
Photo Credit: Eric Blackmon

Molly C. Quinn was born in Texas in 1993. She has played Richard Castle’s daughter Alexis on “Castle” since 2009, although she didn’t start using her middle initial until 2013. She has grown from a teenager and playmate to dad Castle into a beautiful, sophisticated young woman in charge of Castle’s private investigation agency.

She has been quoted as saying she “loves, love fantasy like Lord of the Rings,” and has also thrown her hat into the superhero arena, voicing Supergirl in the “Superman: Unbound” video. Molly also voiced “Princess Bloom” on three different Winx Club series for Nickelodeon. She has also dubbed voices for video games and has a cameo in the music video “Release the Panic” by the band Red.

Molly has also been in the movies, “We’re the Millers,” “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” “Avalon High,” and will be seen in the movie “Newly Single” in 2017. She makes an appearance in Kyle Gallner’s (Hasil, The Outsiders) upcoming fantasy-comedy-drama called “Welcome to Happiness.”

With her grace and poise, and her distinctive red hair and blue eyes, Molly C. Quinn will continue to dazzle both the small screen and large for some time to come!

Written by Arlene Allen

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