WCW: The Soska Sisters, Sylvia and Jen

8068886715_b15c4db1ba_bSylvia and Jen Soska are identical twins, Hungarian by way of Canada, who write, direct, produce and act in “twisted” film. Born on April 29, 1983, the sisters’ love of horror developed at an early age, devouring Stephen King novels and sneaking into the back of the video store to watch hardcore horror and gore. Both girls were Honor students, and briefly attended film school that included an intensive stunt training program. They both entered the film world as actors and as background workers but were dissatisfied with the stereotypical way women on the set were treated.

To expand their horizon, the sisters trained as mixed martial artists and picked up work as stunt artists. Although once they began directing, that new focus left little time for stunt work, but to this day the sisters’ advocate for actors doing their own stunts whenever it is applicable.

Their first horror film was “Dead Hooker in a Trunk” and it almost didn’t get made. While in film school, the funds appropriated for their project vanished and their film was pulled from the program. The sisters rose to the occasion, getting a new cast, and crew and paying for everything out of their own pockets. The sisters wrote, directed, produced, starred in and did the stunts for the film. The completed film was embraced by horror fans, film critics, and indie festivals, and became an underground cult classic. Their work was rewarded with multiple awards, including City of Death’s Best Director Award, and Cinefantasy’s Audience Favorite Prize.

The sisters incorporated in 2008, and Twisted Twins Productions produced the sisters sophomore film, “American Mary.” It too became a cult classic, with just as much critical acclaim as “Dead Hooker in a Trunk.”

The sisters are also activists and have gone on to be very outspoken about equal rights across the board including but not limited to gender equality and equal rights for the LGBT community. They also do an annual blood drive every February, as the sisters have a rare blood type.

The sisters are also very big comic book fans, and created their very own graphic novel called “Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack!” Once again they speak of women’s rights and the stereotypical roles women still play in a man’s world. Recently they teamed up with Marvel Comics to create their “Night Nurse” story line within Secret Wars Journal #5. The twins also created their own horror game show for GSN, called “Hellavator,” in which contestants are trapped and forced to survive ever more terrifying challenges. The sisters are at work on their fifth film and are just getting started in conquering media that was once predominantly male driven.

In addition, Sylvia collects tarantulas, and at one time wanted to become an arachnologist. Jen has a large collection of weaponry, and her personal favorite is sais. Both sisters are obsessed with body modification. Their next project will be a remake of David Cronenberg’s “Rabid” which they consider “sci-fi body horror.” These beautiful and talented women are redefining many aspects of filmmaking, horror movies, graphic novels, and as many other mediums that strike their interest. What great role models for little girls who sneak into the TV room while the rest of the house is sleeping so they can find the creepy movies that give them the best kind of shivers!

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