Top 5 Moments on “Supergirl” Episode 1×15 “Solitude”

This week on Supergirl we got a nuclear missile scare, unexpected revelations, and the past meeting the present. Stakes are becoming a lot higher now for Kara as she continues to be more aware of her past and how in time, she will be facing that past with full force.

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode of Supergirl will be shared in this article. Do not read further if you have not watched.


Glorified Windows Vista: Fans got to witness Laura Vandervoort pulling off her best villain as Indigo also known as Brainiac-8. Laura was best known from Smallville (playing Supergirl herself) and although she didn’t dawn the red cape she made up for it by pulling off blue oh so well. Indigo is an escaped prisoner from Fort Rozz and her abilities make her the ultimate brain on Krypton. On Earth, she is the ultimate hacker and with her abilities, she plans on unleashing a nuclear missile and wiping out the human race. Of course, Kara comes in to save the day along with the help of the DEO and our favorite hacker, Winn however, Indigo doesn’t go down defeated without uttering her confession, “You wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for me” Indigo made sure that Kara’s pod retained it’s course so that way Kara wouldn’t be stuck in the Phantom Zone.

This makes Indigo and Kara connected in a way Kara never expected. Her purpose could have been derailed in an instant. (Plus whether intended or not, it was a nice nod to the fact that Laura had, in fact, played Supergirl on television, making it seem that the line was to give acknowledgement to her influence on the Supergirl history).

Laura absolutely nailed her performance as Indigo, proving that she can play both sides of the coin as a hero and villain. Indigo has a plan and that plan can suit the needs of none other than Non. He made a short appearance in this episode but it was enough to let fans know that 1.) He and Indigo had some type of relationship 2.) He brought Indigo back from her virus state and 3.) They will likely team up together to continue Non’s work on project Myriad (which we still don’t know much about!!)


Fortress of Solitude: We got our first look at the Fortress of Solitude and it featured a nice homage to what I’m sure Superman fans have been waiting for. When Kara needs more info about Indigo, James turns to the Fortress for help. Turns out we did, in fact, get more info about the mysterious alien but not from whom we expected. Personally, I thought we were going to get a glimpse of Jor-El (in hologram form), as a throwback to how Superman communicated with his parents. Alas, we got help in the form of a robotic figure Kal-X. Hopefully, as the season continues we can uncover more of those hidden gems in the Fortress and be one step closer to meeting the Man of Steel himself.


Love is Complicated: Oh boy, we got some relationship drama this week with Lucy breaking it off with James. James has been very in denial about his feelings towards Kara. It took him being confronted by Bizarro to admit that he indeed was in love with Kara and Lucy only confirms this when she tells James that Kara feels the exact same way even if she too can’t share her feelings at the moment. All this comes after Kara gives James permission to tell Lucy that she is Supergirl and after she tells Lucy how committed of a man James is, along with loving, passionate, kind, (I mean I know she was giving Lucy a pep talk but Kara was really exposing herself right there).

Except Lucy is more concerned about the fact that James told Kara about his father, a subject that even Lucy couldn’t get James to talk about after all the years they have been together. This is what ultimately breaks Lucy and James and while a break was coming, it would have been a lot better if James didn’t live in denial with his feelings towards Kara. That way Lucy would have been saved from a lot of heartache. We will see how things progress in the next episodes and whether or not Kara and James will finally get their chance.

On another note, it would seem that Siobhan and Winn got rather acquainted with each other when Siobhan told Winn about her troubled past. Winn did the same and told Siobhan about his father, then the unexpected happened. Siobhan kissed Winn and, of course, threatened to kill him if he utters a word about it to anyone (Aww?). Siobhan doesn’t seem like a woman to be trusted, and Winn seems to think he has found a mutual understanding with her. I just hope Winn doesn’t get hurt in this odd turn of events.

Stronger Together: As we’ve been seeing these past few weeks, Alex has not been very truthful to Kara when it came to the death of her Aunt Astra. This week the secret is out and Alex finally tells Kara the truth. She killed Astra. Not Hank. This is probably one of the most emotional scenes I have seen in Supergirl so far. It showed off the acting abilities of both Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh. Alex confronting Kara was the most vulnerable we’ve seen her. Leigh played this scene with such emotional layers that you could feel for Alex in that moment. You were not sure if Kara would forgive her and when Alex uttered the words that she couldn’t lose Kara the water works spilled out.

I’m sure we all have needed a second chance. For Alex, it seems that she will get that chance because instead of walking out on her, Kara shows true compassion by hugging Alex and silently telling her that she is not going anywhere, that they are still sisters. Does that mean that Alex is fully forgiven?…. maybe not, but Kara showed a quality that I believe we all struggle with and that is to forgive. It takes a lot to forgive someone, especially someone that is important to you.

Hank told Kara that he, Kara, and Alex are stronger together and it is with that strength that they can get through anything. As Kara took hold of Hank’s hand while embracing Alex, it showed their unity. Not only as a team but as a family.


Conflicts Arise: Whether being Supergirl or being Kara Danvers, Kara certainly has a lot on her plate and now it seems like things can only get more intense from here. Whether it be her (romantic?) future with James, her uncle trying to kill her, or her best friend connecting with her arch rival co-worker!! Oh, Kara is in for a struggle.

How do you think Kara will handle these new revelations and plans? Can Kara finally become the hero she always wanted to be?


Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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