The Ready Set Premiere New Single “Swim”

With anticipation building for the release of his newest album I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love releasing on April 8th this year, The Ready Set has premiered his third single “Swim” with partner Being Blogged.

Being Blogged is a music blog established by Johan Alexed, who has a special appreciation for pop music, including The Ready Set. The blog calls Gothenburg home and has nothing but the best to say about the newest release.

“The single is a playful pop song with beautiful rhythms and warm feeling that will create summer in your headphones,” states Alexed in his article about the premiere.

This sound could be contributed to Jordan Witzigreuter’s (a.k.a. – The Ready Set) direction of adding tropical backbeats to what’s typically categorized as pop music.

On the subject of sound, Witzigreuter says, “I used a lot of semi-tropical bells and xylophone sounds in this one [“Swim”], but it’s a bit less minimal than some of the other songs on the record. Overall, it’s less vocal driven than a lot of my other stuff, which is a style I’ve wanted to get into for a while now.”

Additionally, he indulges, “‘Swim’ is about standing on the line of confidence and fear of losing control entirely, but the willingness to accept any outcome.”

You can listen to “Swim” on Being Blogged by following this link. Also, check out the music videos for “Good Enough”, and “Disappearing Act”, the first and second singles from I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love respectively.

Fans can also pre-order the album, which drops April 8th, through either iTunes, Target, or The Ready Set’s merch store. Each has their own perks depending on which you choose.

If you order from iTunes, then you receive an instant download of “Good Enough.” When you go through Target, you can get an exclusive version of the album that includes 3 extra tracks that aren’t available anywhere else. And finally, if you order from the merch store, you can choose from a variety of merch bundles!

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