Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly Superlative Awards (March 20th-26th)


Best One-Liner: The Walking Dead

“You’d better luck picking up a turd by the clean end!” – AbrahaM Ford


After helping Eugene get to what looks like an abandoned blacksmithing building, Abraham asks what Eugene’s plan is. Eugene explains that he plans to make bullets. To which Abraham replies ‘You’d have better luck picking up a turd by the clean end!’ (Contributed by Allison Warner)

Honorable Mention: The Magicians  (Alice’s Dad: “But you haven’t even touched your penis!”)

Most Badass Character: Stitchers

Cameron 2.0

STITCHERS - "2.0" - Kirsten’s feelings come flooding back on the second season premiere of “Stitchers” airing on TUESDAY, MARCH 22 (10:00–10:00 p.m. EST) on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. (Freeform/Eric McCandless) CAMERON BRITTON, KYLE HARRIS

From climbing buildings to punching security guards, Cameron Goodkin earns ‘Badass of the week.’ Back from the dead in the Stitchers season 2 premiere, Cameron has adopted a more carefree lifestyle. Not afraid to express himself or take the risks that pre-death Cameron would’ve avoided. He’s speaking up against the NSA and taking chances with Kirsten. We look forward to a season of watching Cameron as he tests his own boundaries and flashes that shiny new badge of his around a lot more. (Contributed by Allie Lanning)

Most Lovable Character: The Outsiders



Hasil has led a secluded life up on Shay mountain, never venturing into town until Big Foster’s crazy plan to steal guns and destroy equipment belonging to the mining company.  But what does Hasil get? A strong passionate love for sales clerk Sally Ann. Hasil has made it clear he’d go to hell and back for her; he got caught swiping moonshine so he could have money to take Sally Ann on a proper date and ends up losing two fingers. The good news is that Sally Ann likes him back, and when they first come together, their love scene is tender and moving. You just can’t help loving Hasil for his devotion, perseverance, and tenderness. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Biggest Jerk: Once Upon a Time



We already knew Hades was not nice, but he swung into full-blown jerk mode, manipulating Rumple into destroying the team’s way out of the Underworld, and then pushing his first wife into the River of Lost Souls. Hades promised Rumple he’d get to go home to Belle if he did these things. But….never make a deal with the Lord of the Underworld. Hades bought the contract Rumple made with an old village medicine man – the one which promised away Rumple’s second born child.  Rumple didn’t know Belle is pregnant, but Hades did – and he’s using that to torture Rumple into doing whatever he asks… (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Bad Guy/Girl of the Week: Damien

Ann Rutledge

 Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 8.54.08 PM

Fans of Damien got a little more insight to Ann Rutledge and her background this past week. She’s portrayed as being a manipulative character who will take any and all measures to get what she wants. This was most clearly seen when she psyched out the man set to replace her in sending Damien Thorn down his true path. By impressing the fact that Damien needed, “young women,” in order to grow as the anti-Christ she sent her replacement, who had a daughter of his own, running in a panic to his death by being caught in an escalator. (Contributed by Destini Nash)

Shadiest Character: Shadowhunters

Michael Wayland


Right out of the gate, Jace’s long dead father was shifty, playing up the renewed emotional connection between reunited father and son and showcasing a weird, obsessive need to tell anyone and everyone that Valentine’s love for Jocelyn is pure and very much still intact. You know something’s up when a dude is playing wingman to the guy who tortured him for ten years. Yikes. (Contributed by Sam Pedley)

Best Kiss: Shadowhunters

Jace and Clary


After Clary questions the feelings she and Jace shared in the alternate universe, he assures her of their real-life attraction with a heated and convincing kiss. One he probably wishes he could take back later on…. (Contributed by Terri Clark)

Honorable Mention: Younger (Liza and Charles)

Best Dressed: The Magicians

Alice, Julia, and Quentin

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.22.38 AM

Penny finds himself in one of Quentin’s fanboy dreams, in which Alice is stunning as Danaerys, Julia is rocking Leia’s metal bikini, and Quentin looks ruggedly swashbuckling as Indiana Jones. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Most Swoon-Worthy Scene: Younger

Josh Telling Liza He’s All In


After having a very enthusiastic round of #MourningSex and sending Liza down the fire escape it’s safe to say that Liza and Josh’s relationship status went from “broken up” to “it’s complicated” real quick. That is until Josh confronted Liza that he broke up with his girlfriend Greta, to be in a fully committed relationship with her. I mean when the guy you love says that he is “All In” for a relationship, you can’t help but swoon. (Contributed by Alexis Navarro)

Biggest OTP Moment: NCIS: LA

Deeks (sorta) proposes to Kensi


This episode’s focus was children. “The Seventh Child” began with Kensi and Deeks discussing their future and the possibility of having kids. Sadly, it seemed like Deeks wasn’t ready for the conversation, and isn’t ready for that step. During the episode, our favorite LA agents had to stop children bombers. These children had tragically been born without their parents knowledge (due to artificial insemination) and were sold on the black market to terrorists. Thanks to Callen and Sam the bombs were removed and the children were finally reunited with their birth parents. At the end of the episode, fans witnessed, what we thought was another heartbreaking conversation about babies between Kensi and Deeks… until Deeks proposed marriage!

Deeks: Is it too crazy for two people to get married?

Kensi: What did you say?

Deeks: Just wanted to know if you think it’s too crazy for two people to get married?

Kensi: No. I don’t think it’s too crazy for that. No

Deeks: Sorry…. Are you saying ‘yes’?

Kensi: I’m not going to say ‘yes’ in the hallway at work without a ring on my finger.

Deeks: Oh… So you want me down on one knee?

Kensi: That’d be a good start.

Deeks: You want the beach, and the sunset, with the ring?

Kensi: Yeah. Maybe then you’d have a chance.

Deeks: Okay… Hey, that’s still a ‘yes’!

Most Emotional Scene: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Spy’s Goodbye

AOS 3.13 pic

Bobbi and Hunter get disavowed from S.H.I.E.L.D. and will go their own way, not being able to see the team anymore. They’re at a bar drinking away their sorrows when the bartender starts giving them lots of shots, saying they have several admirers. They look around the room and see each team member raise a glass before leaving. (Contributed by Jenni Bradley)

Honorable mention: Arrow (Felicity leaves Team Arrow)

Most Heartbreaking Moment: Grey’s Anatomy

Jackson tells April he doesn’t want their baby


Jackson FINALLY knows that April is pregnant with his baby!! After discovering the truth and fighting with April at the hospital, Jackson finds himself on the receiving end of one Dr. Webber’s famous pep-talks. Webber understands Jackson’s pain (he wasn’t involved in Meredith’s or Maggie’s childhood and adolescence lives), however, he reminds him that what’s important isn’t when Jackson found that, but THAT Jackson found out. And now that Jackson does know it is time for him to step up. During one of the final scenes of “I Am Not Waiting Anymore,” fans thought Jackson had taken Webber’s advice when he showed up at April’s door. However, even though he admits to acting badly at Grey Sloan Memorial, their conversation quickly turns sour (as it has all season long), and our Japril hearts continue to break. First, Jackson accuses April of trying to keep their baby a secret until it’d be too late to do anything. Then he admits that he doesn’t want to go through a pregnancy again just to have their baby die in his arms. Will these two ever be able to mend the hurt and find their way back to each other? Or has Japril truly sunk to the bottom of Lake Washington never to be seen again?

Most Heartfelt Reunion: Once Upon A Time

Killian Jones and Emma Swan


When Emma sees Killian dangling over the River of Lost Souls she doesn’t hesitate to come to his rescue. It was a long-awaited reunion and it was simple yet so fulfilling to finally see these two back in each other’s arms and feeling like a piece of their hearts are finally brought back together again. Of course, the banter was true to #CaptainSwan’s nature when Emma tells Killian that she never listens when it comes to rules he playful tells her, ”You’re impossible” to which Emma fires back, “But you love me for it”. He sure does Emma. (Contributed by Alexis Navarro)

Most Heartwarming Moment:  Gotham

The Penguin Meets his dad


Penguin goes to place flowers on his mother’s grave when he runs into a gentleman he’s never seen before. The man asks Penguin how he knew the woman, and the stranger’s face goes through many changes when Penguin says he is her son. The gentleman told Oswald an age-old tale – aristocrat falls for maid, she gets pregnant and paid off to disappear. Then dear old dad realizes he is dear old dad and sweeps Oswald away to his mansion, where it seems like Oswald’s dream of having family to love and be loved by is coming true! (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Funniest Scene: The Walking Dead

Eugene bites the D

A man is holding Eugene captive while he verbally spars with Daryl. While Abraham and Rosita shoot at the other bad guys, Eugene takes the opportunity to disarm his captor by biting him in the crotch. And not letting go. (Contributed by Jenni Bradley)

Best Buddy Moment: Supernatural

Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner’s Grumpy Old Friendship


Bobby and Rufus are a notoriously odd couple, but once again their genuine caring for each other was highlighted in this week’s episode. Rufus went on to harshly warn Bobby that, “you can’t save everyone,” but at the end of the day recanted his statement, telling Bobby to ignore what he said. He even admitted Bobby was right about the monster they were hunting and bought him a bottle of good ol’ Johnnie Walker whisky! (Though he didn’t seem too happy about it). (Contributed by Destini Nash)

Best Action Scene: Supergirl

Supergirl and Lucy Lane Save the Day


Two badass women on motorcycles take down a military truck and save their friends. What more could you ask for? (Contributed by Annie Worsman)

Best Plot-twist: Younger

Thad Is A Twin


Last week all of #TeamThad got their hearts broken when Thad was tragically and unexpectedly killed. To fan’s surprise during Thad’s funeral we got our first look at Thad’s identical twin brother, Chad. Chad is the complete opposite of Thad which made his appearance all the more unexpected. Plus it’s great to have more of Dan Amboyer on our screens. Here’s to more Chad in Season 3! (Contributed by Alexis Navarro)

Weirdest Moment: Shadowhunters

Valentine is Jace’s father


After spending most of the episode toying with Jace’s heart and softening him up, Michael Wayland revealed himself for who he really is – Valentine – and drove home the truth: That he was the man who raised him. Which also means that Jace and Clary are siblings. Does it get any weirder than finding out that your girlfriend is also your sister? (Contributed by Sam Pedley)

Cutest Moment: Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith and Major Will Thorpe eat dinner together (have a date)


At the beginning of “I Am Not Waiting Anymore,” Thorpe asks Grey out on a date. She says ‘yes’ to drinks, however during the episode she backs out. While performing a surgery with Alex, he’s able to convince Meredith to give Thorpe a real chance. He says, “We lose people and then we find new ones. That’s how it works.” Those words of wisdom are what it takes to make Meredith text Thorpe and let him know that their date is still on. After the surgery ends, Meredith finds Thorpe sitting in the patient waiting room. She admits that she’s exhausted so he offers to drive her home. They then pick up dinner (sharing fries and ketchup! AWW) and sit her in driveway talking about livers and alcohol. Now we know that doesn’t exactly sound romantic, but for two surgeons we think it’s the perfect first date!

Most Shocking: The Walking Dead

Denise getting killed


Denise, the Alexandrian psychologist-turned-family doctor who is dating Tara, went on a supply run with Daryl and Rosita. She lectures them on taking risks when an arrow lands through her eye (meant for Daryl). (Contributed by Jenni Bradley)

Most Suspenseful: Supernatural

Sam finishing the blood sigil to destroy the nest


Sam is in real-time, Dean in the Soul Eater nest outside of time.  Both have to complete the same sigil using blood to close the Soul Eater nest and release the trapped souls including Dean’s and Bobby’s.

The Soul Eater possesses Dean and takes his body into real-time to stop Sam. An epic fight ensues between them until Sam prevails. He ultimately finishes his drawing and shuts the nest down permanently. (Contributed by Debbi Bachman)

Most Terrifying Scene: iZombie

Vaughn du Clark leaves his daughter to die


When du Clark provokes a dangerous zombie in the basement of Max Rager for no reason — and it kills a nearby researcher — he and his daughter, Rita, run towards the elevator. But as Rita trips, du Clark leaves her behind. We assume Rita is dead… but as he sits in his office, the elevator dings. This moment was absolutely terrifying; who (or what) would come out? A zombified Rita? A murderous Rita? Maybe even the zombie itself? No — a scratched, helpless Rita, who screams at his door, holding the high heel she killed the zombie with. In a second terrifying moment, we wonder if du Clark will pull a gun from his desk and shoot her — since she’ll eventually become a zombie from her scratches — but he doesn’t. He just ignores her (which is, actually, somehow worse). (Contributed by Caroline Schlafly)

Performer of the Week: Arrow

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak


Emily pretty much did it all in this week’s episode of Arrow. She made awkward jokes about her own breakup, she told Oliver how much she really cares for him and what he means to her and her life, she distracted Cupid long enough to save the day, and then, at the end of it all, she had to walk away. Felicity was incredibly strong in the midst of one of the hardest times of her life, was a team player even when it meant baring her soul, and she had to make what is probably the most difficult decision of her life. Emily made it all feel real and made fans hearts break along with Felicity’s while also cheering for her to be happy. (Contributed by Annie Worsman)

Honorable Mention: Grey’s Anatomy (Sarah Drew)

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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