Tabletop Tuesday: “Monster Lab” by Liam McIntyre and Cris Olansamuelle

Frankenstein’s got nothing on us.

Monster Lab is now 300% funded on Kickstarter. What’s Monster Lab, you ask? Created by Spartacus himself, Liam McIntyre, and Cris Olansamuelle, Monster Lab is a fast-paced card game for people who like to play God. Players take on the role of Mad Scientists and mash together a hodge-lodge of monster parts to create your own Frankenstein’s monster. While doing so, you’ll battle the monsters of your fellow Mad Scientists as well as sabotage your rivals efforts and try to keep from being run out of town by monster hunters.

Right now there are ten days left to go in the Kickstarter and this writer is ecstatic. As you know, I pride myself on tracking down the best of the best of card games. If the success of its Kickstarter is any indication, Monster Lab is going to be a roaring addition to anyone’s game night. Be sure to swing by and check out their Kickstarter, Twitter, and Facebook pages and see just what this game is all about.

Expect more from me and Monster Lab when the game finally ships.

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