“Sweet Nothings” A New Web Series Needs You!

Sweet Nothings is a web series that focuses on the friendship between two single women who are fed up with bad dates and crappy relationships. Mel (played by Taylor Mallory – a writer on Shadowhunters) and Erin (played by Jane Kim) decide to pursue casual sex rather than relationships in this self-described ‘anti-rom-com’. The creators of the series Taylor Mallory (writer/actor) and Alissa Goldberg (director) wanted to do a female-centric show that specifically DID NOT center around the idea of a traditional romantic relationship – hence ‘anti-rom-com’.

The show will focus instead on the relationship that develops between Mel and Erin as they face the challenges of traditional romance. The creators promise that their series will explore:

-Having sex in the digital era from the female perspective.

-Challenging the notion that women need traditional relationships to be happy.

-Discovering what you want and not being afraid or ashamed to pursue it.

-Laughing at your failures, and then learning from them.

… as these two women pursue casual sex in LA. They will eventually come to realize that your significant other doesn’t have to be the person you’re sleeping with.

The short video on their Kickstarter site has their producer (Matt Marder) listing what your money will be used for, if you decide to help fund the series. But do yourself a favor and go to their site, check out the video and then read through the business information explaining their production costs. You will also find a list of ‘perks’ that are available for donating various amounts of money. However, these folks aren’t shy about letting you know that they’ll take anything you can spare.

This is a unique and quirky look at women and relationships. There appears to be a lot that we don’t actually know….

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