Ship Wars: Quantico

Breakout ABC drama Quantico is filled with intrigue, action, friendship, and, of course, romance. It seems that almost everyone on the show has some sort of love interest already during this first season, which isn’t too surprising since they spend every waking minute together during their training. Quantico allows its viewers to think about what role relationships play in decision-making, focus, and learning to trust. This is why these relationships add value to the show rather than just create fluff. So, let’s think about these pairings and let us know which ones you like best!

Alex and Ryan. From the premiere, these two have had chemistry and while their relationship has been on and off, they always seem to be pulled back toward one another, never stop caring deeply about the other, and, as we see time and time again, willing to put their lives on the line to help each other.

Alex and Liam. Technically this relationship is forbidden, with Liam being Alex’s teacher and all, but it’s hard to deny the chemistry that is there. We also see Liam entrusting Alex with his secrets and Alex dropping everything to help Liam whenever he calls.

Alex and Drew. Drew is new to the show as his class has just recently merged with Alex’s NAT class, but we know there has already been a friendship developing. Alex tries to help Drew find closure, they push each other to be their best and, let’s face it, they do look fabulous together. Is this a couple you’re hoping to see more of as the show continues?

Shelby and Caleb. This blonde duo may be so attractive it’s unfair, but what starts as something physical quickly develops into something real and meaningful. Caleb spends much of his free time not just with Shelby, but helping her figure out what is actually going on with her long-lost sister and often risks himself to make sure she is okay. We have seen them break up, make up, fight and forgive, but we know they are not together in the present-day. Are you rooting for them to get back together?

Shelby and Clayton. Well, this relationship was a shocker when we first saw it. Shelby not only dated (and loved) Caleb, she also dated (and loved) his father. Since it was an affair, they had to keep it secret but eventually get found out. Shelby claims to have had real feelings for him and now has to suffer not only the tragedy and confusion of losing so many co-workers and friends, but also a man she truly cared about after the second bomb went off.

Natalie and Ryan. At some point in between Alex and Ryan being together during training and the bomb going off at Grand Central, these two get together. They don’t last after Ryan decides to help Alex, but it’s hard not to pull for someone as great as Ryan being with Natalie, a hard-working, self-sacrificing, single mother. Unfortunately, tragedy has struck as the terrorists kill Natalie, but were you rooting for them before then?

Natalie and Brandon. Natalie and Brandon get together during training and seem to really enjoy each other. Throughout several episodes, we get to see them begin to open up and to let each other know that they can be a listening ear, a crying shoulder, and each other’s strength if only they would allow it.

Raina and Simon. For a while there, it was hard to know if Simon was just curious about Raina or if he was actually interested, but after finding out she was actually two people with her twin sister, we see him put in an effort to really get to know her and enjoy time with her alone. However, it seems that much of what he liked about Raina actually happened to be things he learned about her sister. Were you still cheering for them to figure it out anyway?

Ryan and Hannah. There may not be a divorced couple more friendly with each other than these two. They still work together, pretending to be a couple. The love and care between the two is obvious and one can’t help but wonder if Hannah’s feelings toward Alex are all out of concern for Ryan or if there is some jealousy involved. Plus, Eliza Coupe can’t help but steal the show.

Miranda and Liam. We know there is history between these two program heads, but the question remains if feelings, interest, and chemistry all remain in the past. As these two lead the Quantico NATs together, are you hoping fire will catch again?

We are sure there are flirtations and pairs with chemistry not mentioned above, but we hope this is a good start and a fun way for you to look back on Quantico‘s first season with joy! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite couple below.

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