On The Voice: Knockouts Round Two

Tonight was pretty quick and to the point. Miley returned to mentor contestants and she seems to be fitting in just fine with her new gig. I think she offers a lot to these kids, with a background in country and pop, and she really seems to care about what she is doing. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her and Alicia Keys battle it out next year if Team Christina fails to bring home the trophy this year (which seems doubtful with all the obvious team stacking).

Short night, short recap.

Round One (Team Blake): Adam Wakefield vs Peyton Parker

Was this really a battle? Adam Wakefield chose to put down his guitar, or any instrument for that matter, and strip it down to just him and the microphone for Bring it on Home to Me. Peyton chose an emotional Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks and I had much higher hopes for Peyton. She seemed pitchy the entire song, maybe nervous and just never connected with the audience. Adam and his dirty voice, as Blake put it, is official!

Winner: Adam Wakefield

Round Two (Team Pharrell): Moushumi vs Nick Hagelin

Nick, the former Ballet dancer chose a Robin Thicke song Lost Without U and former medical school student Moushumi chose New Americana by Halsey. I wasn’t very interested in this battle from the start. Moushumi has been given a lot of montage time and I just want to tell her to stick with medical school. Nick is a nice guy but for me he relies too much on his falsetto and that just isn’t my thing. Moushumi didn’t connect to the powerful lyrics of the song she chose and Nick had a hard time finding a spot with his voice that sounded right and comfortable. In the end, Pharrell chose Moushumi but I don’t expect her to make it much further.

Winner: Moushumi

Round Three (Team Christina): Tamar Davis vs Maya Smith

Poor Maya was a postal worker a month ago and I think this level of the competition was too much for her. She chose No One by Alicia Keys and was shaky from the start. She looked beautiful and I was pulling for her but against Tamar, the result was pretty obvious. Pharrell thought this was her best performance on the show but not from my living room. Tamar chose Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and her confidence and experience on stage earned her the win. Oh, and her belting out an amazing song!

Winner: Tamar Davis

The Voice returns for two nights next week with Knockouts Part Three on Monday, April 4th and a clip show on Tuesday so we can all go watch American Idol finale week. I mean, on Tuesday The Road to the Live Show will recap who is on which team before we head into the live rounds. Busy week next week. See you then!

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