Fuller House Season 2 Wish List

Oh my lanta, Fuller House will return!

It took just five days for Netflix to announce a second season for the Full House spin-off and fans are rejoicing. Now, after having time to digest the first season (seeing Scott Weinger wearing that wig took a bit of time to get over) and gather our thoughts, let’s talk about what Fuller House can do, or not do, going forward. Here is my wishlist for the next season!

What Works:

She-Wolf Pack

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy make the goofiest, best team possible. Though Kimmy and Stephanie still exchange witty one-liner insults, moving into the house to help D.J. with the kids forced them to (mostly) bury the hatchet. As a result, the two have become business partners, planning parties “Gibbler Style.” I’d hire them.


D.J.’s friendship with Kimmy is as strong as ever and her sisterly bond with Stephanie has never stopped. We see this especially in the pilot when the two avoid getting in trouble for tearing down the curtains. Though they face more adult problems now, the women are just as quick and funny as they were 20 years ago. This trio of sister wives is one thing I wouldn’t change a bit.

The Family

Keep the cameos coming. The first season did a great job of spreading out appearances by original cast members. It felt like Full House without trying too hard to actually be Full House.

What I’d Love To See:

The Complete Family


Let’s face it, there is a hole shaped like Michelle Tanner in this show. While the showrunners explained her absence well (albeit with some sass) it felt wrong having the family together without her.  Though the creators and cast have said repeatedly that they’d love to have the Olsen twins, and have given her a standing invitation, the return of Michelle is still unclear. The twins have publicly stated that if Michelle were to return, it’d have to be Mary-Kate playing her. Rumors of Elizabeth Olsen, the youngest sister, taking over the role have been addressed as false by the actress.  Michelle is perhaps the most unlikely character to return in season 2, but John Stamos says he has a good feeling about them so I’m still hopeful.

Fuller Shenanigans

While the nostalgia and nods to the original Full House are great, I’d love to see more storyline with D.J.’s kids. Fuller House has found a great group of kids in Michael Campion (Jackson), Soni Bringas (Ramona) and Elias Harger (Max). The chemistry between the three is visible and adorable. Giving them more stories would help Fuller House be more well-rounded, balancing the old with the new. Which is, of course, what a spin-off should be. Thankfully, John Stamos agrees with this sentiment, telling PEOPLE that he’d love to give the kids “a little more emotional stuff.” If these emotional scenes are anything like those from the original series, we’re sure to be needing tissues in season 2.

What They Can Leave Behind:

Weird Steve

The very second Steve entered the room, the hearts of 20-something-year-old girls everywhere skipped a beat. Even without his thick weirdsteveebony hair, he’s the cutest (sorry Matt, he’s had my heart from day one). But then he spoke and things got…weird. The gist of his and D.J.’s first conversation is “I know you’re sad because your husband died but now we can be together again!” C’mon Steve, we’re rooting for you too but have some sensitivity. As the show goes on he becomes weirdly possessive of D.J. and almost creepy at times. Going forward, let’s stick to the adorable moments between him and the kids, not so much to trying to force Kimmy on Matt.

Crazy Becky

It’s immediately clear that Aunt Becky has baby fever. With the twins all grown up (which, WOW) it’s only natural for her to love on D.J.’s baby. But there came a point where I worried she might actually kidnap the baby. Then the mystery roses showed up with no card, and she invested herself in that like it was her job. Becky seriously needs a hobby in season 2.

Tell me your thoughts/wishes for next season in the comments!

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