Fuller House 411: “Our Very First Show, Again.”


Believe it or not, Full House aired on ABC, September 22nd, 1987.  It’s been 29 years since “Our Very First Show” introduced us to the unconventional family of Danny, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner, Danny’s brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, and their best friend, Joey Gladstone. While critics were largely unkind, the show had a large fan following until its demise in 1995. It nearly got a 9th season on the CW, before John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure nixed the switch. The show later found a new generation of fans with frequent airings on Nickelodeon (and all its iterations) from 2003 to the present. Now the much-anticipated revival, Fuller House, has premiered on Netflix with all thirteen episodes of season 1 ready for binging. The new show pulls a gender-switch with a widowed DJ Tanner needing the help of her sister, Steph, and bestie, Kimmy, in raising her three boys.

Knowing you can read countless, full-length reviews and recaps, we thought we’d do something a little different: a quick snapshot of each episode. We’ll give you the best and worst moments, track the throwbacks and keep you up-to-date on Fuller House news.

So…here is the 411 for S1E1 “Our Very First Show, Again.”

Who are they now?

DJ: Runs a pet clinic and is a widowed mother to 3 boys—Max, Jackson & Timmy.

Danny & Becky: Talk show co-hosts of the new, Wake Up, USA

Jesse: Music composer for General Hospital

Joey: Comic with his own Las Vegas show at the Venetian

Nicky & Alex: In their sixth year of college.

Kimmy: Event planner and single mother to daughter, Ramona.

Stephanie: Now goes by DJ Tanner, seeing as how she’s a deejay.

Steve: Food obsessed podiatrist who dog Comet Junior Junior just gave birth to another litter.

Best Moments

Worst Moment


Forgive us if we missed any, there were so many to catch!

Best Line

“Michelle sends her love, but she’s busy in NY running her fashion empire.” Replete with a killer, fourth-wall break!

Fun Fact

Fuller House was picked up for season 2! You can also see Jodie Sweetin in the 22nd season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

What was your impression of the premiere? Share your thoughts about episode 1 and hope for the series below.

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