Fuller House 411: “Moving Day”


It’s “Moving Day” on the second episode of Fuller House. While Kimmy rejoices at finally moving in, DJ’s son Jackson isn’t happy with all the sudden changes in his life.

Here’s the 411 breakdown:

Best Moments

Worst Moment


Best Lines

Ramona: “The Fuller’s are like albino polar bears, drinking milk, in a snowstorm, watching Frozen.”
Kimmy: “That’s pretty white.”

Kimmy to Stephanie: ”Come here, sister-wife.”

Rapid Review

This still feels like a pilot and therefore is a little rough. There’s some cute moments, but the show hasn’t quite found its legs just yet.

Fun Facts

Jackson’s dialogue is very similar to what DJ said to Danny after she ran away.

Jackson: I just got mad. I mean, first dad dies, then we all have to move in here, now there’s more people moving in here and to top it all off I lose my room.

D.J.: It’s just not fair! First I lose my mom, then Grandma leaves, and now I lose my own room. Everything just keeps disappearing.

In Full House they only played “Heartbreak Hotel” when referencing Elvis, except at Jesse and Rebecca’s wedding. The couple’s first song was “Jailhouse Rock” because Jesse had been in the slammer right beforehand.

What did you think of episode 2? Did you like the echo of Full House we saw in “Moving Day?” Share your thoughts below.

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