Exclusive Interview with Actor Brice Evan Fisher

0ecb8441-1955-41f4-8394-26ce5bef37f3Talk Nerdy With Us recently chatted with actor Brice Evan Fisher who is best known for his work on Friends With Better Lives, Criminal Minds, Farmed and Dangerous, Christmas Trade, The Goldbergs, The Middle, and Haunted Hathaways. In addition to acting, Fisher co-hosts a web series talk show with Wyatt McClure entitled. This past Sunday, Fisher and McClure won the 2016 Young Artists Awards’ Best Web Performance for Between 2 Phat Kids! 

You are so young to be acting. Can you talk to me a little bit about how you got started?

I actually started out dancing; I still tap dance a little.  I went to a summer program at Melody Lane, in Yakima, WA and realized how much I liked acting.  My Mom says she had an “aha” moment watching one of my performances and decided to check into other places I could act on a bigger level.  I have always been an outgoing kid.

Your first role was in Chronicles Simpkins. What was that like when you landed the role and how much did you learn about acting from it?

It was an amazing experience working with Rolin Jones on this project as well as Brendan Hughes and Adam O’Byrne.  I was really new to the business and it felt like such an honor to be picked to play Billy Conn.  My mom loved the show Weeds and Justin Kirk who played Andy on the show was playing our principal in this film.  Things really come back around because Justin Kirk is also going to be in a film that I am in this year called The Tribes of Palos Verdes.

You made a lot of cameos on televisions series and then ended up playing Brice on Camp Nottahope. How did it differ to play a character that appeared in numerous episodes that you got to work on and develop? Also, was the name a coincidence or did they name the character after you?

Because this was a web series we really got to improv a lot on this project.  There were so many kids involved that it was just easier to keep our names the same.   I got to act really crazy and it was a lot of fun.  Usually most of the projects I work on are scripted, so getting to improv is always an adventure.

From there you have been steadily working and now you have a few films coming out. As an actor, do you prepare differently when working on a television series than you do when you are on a movie set?

That is a tough one…I love both but since I have been working more in film as of right now…I would have to say film.  The last two films I have worked on had big names on them…Halle Berry in Kidnap and Jennifer Garner and Maika Monroe in The Tribes of Palos Verdes. So that has been a really great experience to work with such established and talented people.

Speaking of The Tribes of Palos Verdes, I know you’re currently filming it, but what can you tell me about your character Danny and about the film as a whole?

(laughs) Well I can’t tell you too much about the film, but let’s just say I am the comic relief in a very dramatic film.  I think the performances from Jennifer Garner and Maika Monroe are going to be intense!

You also have two movies in post-production, Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins and Kidnap. What can fans expect to see from you in those films — specifically Kidnap, where you play Tyler?

Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins is a small part, in fact I am not sure how much of it will be in. David Arquette is in that one.  Kidnap is a thriller and Halle Berry is going to rock it of course!  I always seem to play a bully or a trouble maker…so you can expect me to make someone’s life difficult.

Was there any piece of advice anyone that you worked with gave you that has kind of stuck with you throughout your career?

Everyone has been really nice to work with, but we were working and then I usually finished my day before them because I am a kid….but I worked on a project with Randall Park called “The Baby Mentalist”,  it was right before he landed Fresh off the Boat and The Interview.  This web series was so fun and crazy.  Randall’s actual wife and daughter were in it and I felt like part of the family.  He already had a great resume, but he worked at it every day and never expected anything to just happen for him.  He was extremely supportive of my dream and he even coached me a few times for auditions I had.    It made me realize that being a working actor isn’t about being famous; it is about loving what you do and trying to be better every day.

Where can fans see you next? Do you have any more projects that you are currently working on?

They can see me running to more auditions trying to book the next job (laughs)…Kidnap will be in theatres in May and I hope The Tribes of Palos Verdes will also make it to the theatre. It is going to be so amazing.

Where should fans go if they have questions or want to connect with you? Do you have a specific Facebook or Twitter account?

Yes, I am Brice Evan Fisher on Facebook, @briceevanfisher on Instagram and @briceevanfisher on Twitter

Lastly, since our website is called TWNU, what is something nerdy about you? What do you “nerd-out” over?

Video Games and YouTube….I am obsessed with my Xbox 360 and YouTube videos.  I have my own web series on YouTube that I produce called Between 2 Phat Kids…we are the ultimate nerds on our show (laughs).

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