Cover Your Eyes, Kiddies! The Magicians: Episode 10….Wait, It’s Not Called Nerd Sex?

The Magicians never ceases to surprise and thrill, in this episode quite literally and somewhat graphically. While there is a whole lot of exposition going on, there’s also a whole lot of…other stuff…happening. I can’t even. I mean what do you say to your boyfriend when your dad offers up goat penis as a delicacy? And you need the help of your mother’s traveler (supposed secret) lover, who is actually now not so secretly your dad’s lover…..

….and then there’s two Margos, because the ex-boyfriend just can’t let go, and Elliot gets the shock of his life (two, maybe)…

…and then we have Kady, who has to actually work with Julia, which is the least crazy thing about this episode. After all is said and done, though, it’s Richard who may just turn out to be the most insane one of the lot.

…and then there’s poor Penny, who gets exposition, chased, a library from hell (eternally filing that card catalog would be worse than waterboarding), chased some more, exposition, and then Penny sees something that truly wants to make him bleach his eyeballs.

While different in many ways from previous episodes in its tone and narrative, it does what the series does best: change it up. Or as Julia and her friends might say, level it up. The bar is raised with every single episode; there really is no clue and no holds barred as to where the story is going and how it’s going to get there, but when it does climax someone’s head is sure to explode.

Oh wait. That kind of already happened a few episodes ago. That’s the kind of series The Magicians is; boundless, without boundaries. And there is no faking when fans want more, more. In the midnight hour, more, more, more….

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