Cosplay Closet Essentials: Amber Arden


She’s pure. She’s the most beautiful in all the land. She’s Snow White, and nobody does Snow White quite like Amber Arden. Amber is famous for her Snow White cosplays, along with others. Her hair, makeup, and costumes are always impeccable down to the last detail, and her creativity in envisioning new versions of the character is amazing. Snow White isn’t the only character she’s cosplayed, but it’s definitely her signature character!

Photo credit: Fat Man Photography

How did you discover cosplay?

I had many friends who talked about conventions and dressing up as their favorite characters. Plus, for years people would tell me I talk and act like Snow White and one day I was invited by a close friend to Anime Expo 2013 and I fell in love with all the cosplay costumes that were in the lobby. Days passed and then Eric Yaras and I ( decided to go without any tickets to Comic Con 2013. We booked a last-minute hotel (which is impossible) and decided to dress up as a 1800’s Lolita girl similar to the movie Gone with the Wind. Just walking in front of the convention I had the time of my life! But to my surprise, a worker from the Comic Con center saw my costume from afar and asked me if we had a badge and I said “No we don’t.” And he said, “You came all this way, to just to walk around the front?” I said “Yes… but this is amazing.” And then surprisingly he invited us in with two passes free of charge! (Which again is impossible.) I was in total shock all because of my elaborate costume I was wearing I was able to be noticed and appreciated! Then shortly after that, I quickly decided to cosplay as a Disney Princess…Snow White. Then wearing it to con after con and people loved it. Another thing that I found with this new found art is the amazing people you meet. I have met so many wonderful people through cosplay, some but not all is Joanna Bert (http://www.SmileandASong.com whose dedication to her princess cosplays and princess party company truly inspired me. As well as singer Traci Hines ( widely known for her Ariel cosplay…saw something in me and gave me the courage to show it. Plus, made me one of her Mersisters for her cute hip clothing line! Then finally, at Anime Expo 2014, I decided to put together my first ever real serious cosplay, which was a Star Wars/Disney princess mashup: Snowba Fett!

You’re known for your many interpretations of Snow White. What about this character speaks to you so much?

Snow White’s companionate personality and kindness truly inspires me and I carry that with me every day. Snow White’s character is pure…and to me, she represents patience and care. So darling! That’s what I think of when I see Snow White. Spreading unconditional love to all is key.

How many versions of Snow White have you done so far?

I believe I have 9 versions, some very casual, some very intricate. 

How did you learn to sew and fabricate the items for your cosplays?

Well I’ve always had the passion for fashion since I was very young. I’ve taken several classes in sewing and fashion marketing, which I have an OS certification in. I also study the art of millinery…the art of making dainty fascinator hats! I also have a love for vintage fashion! So I utilize the skills I gained to sew, but mainly I drape or cut up old clothes as patterns onto my mannequins. 

What has been your most challenging cosplay to date?

The most challenging would be my Snowbafett cosplay. I changed it three times and I’m still making it better. Oh, and sewing my Snow dresses! 

Any new cosplay plans around the corner?

Yes! Hopefully some more Star Wars costumes! Rags Snow White, some new Disneybounds for Dapperday, small stylistic makeup and clothing shoots, and some new epic dream cosplays I’ve wanted to do for years. 

What’s your favorite thing about cosplay?

I love seeing my dream or vision become a reality and actually wear it l! I love to make people happy & inspired. The final product makes me feel so accomplished. And when things go well or execute well to the greatest feeling. And the people who tell me my cosplay inspired them.

Name three items that you feel are essential to any cosplayer’s closet:

This is hard…sewing machine, thread, & fabric! Ahah

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