Book Review: Antonia Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore by Jane Carter Barrett

Antonia-Barclay-and-Scottish-claymoreAntonia Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore by Jane Carter Barrett is an imaginative gem that offers the perfect balance of historical romance, intrigue and humor and enough twists and turns to keep the reader invested.

The book follows protagonist Antonia Barclay on her quest to find her mother, Mary Queen of Scots. What I find most enjoyable about this book was its unpredictability. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next, I was pleasantly surprised.

Antonia Barclay is a feisty, endearing heroine that readers will want to root for. There is political drama afoot as villains also vie for the throne. And what is a historical novel without the layer of romance. The reader sees Antonia’s romantic alliances as well. But this isn’t the fairytale, happily ever after romantic yarn.

Although the book is framed in a historical setting, it isn’t burdened by the desire for historical accuracy. The writing style, with a healthy dose of humor, is fresh and inviting.

If you’re looking for a pure historical read, this book may not be what you’re seeking. However, if you want well-written characters, humorous dialogue that is seasoned by a historical context, you will marvel at this book.

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