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Shadowhunters: Ranking The Relationships

As Shadowhunters wraps up its first season, audiences have experienced a whirlwind of emotions over their favorite characters. There’s been demons, romance, and plenty of drama. So, we’ve ranked the 12 strongest relationships on the show, romantic or not, from least favorite to most. See where your Shadowhunters ship ranked!

Ranking Shadowhunters' Relationships

  • Simon and Maureen
    12. At first, it’s clear to everyone but Simon that Maureen has a thing for him. They do get together at one point, though it quickly deteriorates when he says Clary’s name instead. But, the two do make a solid indie band. Though she’s only in the first few episodes, I doubt we’ve seen the last of her.
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    11. Valentine got a bit carried away with his endeavors, but at one time he and Jocelyn shared a real love. That once real love did produce Clary, so they earn a spot on this list. Audiences were treated to a bit of that love in the alternate universe. In the real world, Valentine, while disguised as Michael Wayland, reveals he loves Jocelyn even to this day.
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    10. Luke and Jocelyn have been together for a long time now, though not always romantically. When Luke was changed into a werewolf, Jocelyn was there to help him through it. When Jocelyn ran away with the Mortal Cup, Luke went with her and helped her raise Clary. Now, as Jocelyn is in a magically induced coma, he skipped Alec’s wedding to stay with her. These two are much like an older version of Simon and Clary, but with more romance. Hopefully they can finally be together when Jocelyn wakes up.
  • shadowhunters
    9. Luke has become a father to Clary over the years. Through all the recent changes in her life, he has helped her understand everything since her mother can’t. With Jocelyn under a spell and Clary learning about her powers, a parental figure is exactly what Clary needs right now.
  • shadowhunters-freeform
    8. Lydia Branwell is perhaps the most emotionally conflicting character on this show. Though she’s a bit rough around the edges, she genuinely cares about Alec’s happiness. Their engagement is equally advantageous to both of them, showing their dedication and honor. The girl gets left at the altar and is totally cool about it. This was a weird friendship, but deserves respect.
  • hqdefault
    7. Though this relationship has only happened in an alternate dimension so far, it’s still adorable. In the alternate timeline, Isabelle’s nerdy qualities were mirrored in Simon. In the real world, her sassiness and confidence intimidates Simon, but there’s still clearly a spark there. How could there not be? Like Isabelle said, “Simon is kind of nerd hot.”
  • 12725108_1702452206659999_1448850380_n
    6. In the TMI novels, Meliorn and Isabelle’s relationship is a background point. Here, Meliorn has become a key player in the story. Though he is mischievous, Meliorn still tells Isabelle how to get into the Hotel Dumort so the group can help Simon. He is heartbroken when Isabelle sends him a fire message ending their relationship. Isabelle risks everything to help Meliorn when he is arrested. It doesn’t matter at all that Meliorn is a downworlder, at least not to them.
  • parabatai-bond
    5. Despite having some problems this season, this is one of the best bromances known to television. Even when he didn’t agree with Jace’s decisions, Alec still gave his best efforts to helping him, honoring their parabatai bond. Jace defended Alec when Simon got sassy and stood as Alec’s best man. These two have each other’s backs but challenge each other just enough to bring out the best.
  • 2a35dd28-00d7-4992-97b0-9b38f74f8cbb
    4. Izzy has been an advocate for Alec’s happiness from the get-go. She encouraged him to not just do the honorable thing. Though she got angry about Alec’s proposal to Lydia, she still stood by him. And, on the off chance that Alec opted to follow his heart, she invited Magnus to the wedding. Either way, she had his back. She even got Jace and Alec to finally talk things out. Alec did the same for her. When Maryse Lightwood came down unnecessarily hard on Isabelle, Alec spoke up. Through Isabelle’s whole trial, Alec did everything he could to get the charges dropped. Every time she calls Alec “big brother” audiences melt just a little bit.
  • shadowhunters
    3. Clary and Simon have been best friends since the beginning. She supports his band, he supports her art endeavors, they were even creating a graphic novel together before things got crazy. When Clary’s world is turned upside down, Simon is there through it all. Even in an alternate universe, they are best friends. As the show has grown, they’ve faced ups and downs but still been there for each other. As Simon says “You don’t have to do this alone…it’s not who we are.” They’re true friendship goals.
  • 2. Despite their current status as brother and sister complicating EVERYTHING, the love between these two is clear. From day one, Jace was immediately protective and ready to help her. His whole life, Jace has lived by shadowhunter law, priding himself on being the best. When Clary comes along, everything changes. He even tells her in episode seven that he didn’t care if she got the Mortal Cup, he was worried when he couldn’t find her. When Clary comes head to head with a shape-shifting demon that morphed into Jace, she kills it because she “just knew” it wasn’t Jace. There is a deep, unspoken understanding between these two.
  • magnus-and-alec-in-shadowhunters
    1. The spark between Alec and Magnus was immediate and apparent. Though Alec fought his feelings, Magnus refused to give up. After several longing glances and Alec’s almost wedding, the Malec ship finally set sail when Alec left Lydia at the altar, blew past his mother, and planted one on Magnus. Magnus’s multiple pep talks helped Alec to accept and embrace who he is. Alec’s presence alone forced Magnus to allow himself to be vulnerable. The realness of the relationship, plus the growth opportunities still to come, is what lands them the top spot.

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