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Marvel Games/Publishing Presents the “Women of Power” Celebration!

March 3rd marks the start of Marvel Games‘ big celebration of female superheroes and super villains as part of their Women of Power event! This event will be running in tandem with Marvel Publishing‘s event of the same title, highlighting the company’s most popular female characters on 25 new comic covers.

Below is the full list of Marvel Games that will be participating and releasing new content/DLC for this spectacular event!

  • LEGO Marvel’s Avengers (Console and Handheld versions): New downloadable content that will feature Captain Marvel, Moonstone, and supervillain Poundcakes.
  • Marvel Contest of Champions (Mobile Game): Game update that includes an event starring Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel. You’ll now also be able to add She-Hulk and X-23 to your team as well!
  • Marvel Avengers Academy (Mobile Game): A special in-game event will be held this March, introducing all-new female heroes to your student body.
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest (Mobile Game):  Collect the epic WoP comic variant covers in-game as you play this exciting puzzler!
  • Marvel Future Fight (Mobile Game): You’ll be able to play in a brand-new event starring a powerful general of Thanos’ Black Order, Proxima Midnight.
  • Spider-Man Unlimited (Mobile Game): All your favorite Spider-Woman invade this in-game event, including Silk!
  • Marvel Heroes 2016 (PC Game): Team up with Rescue and earn an enhanced suit for American Dream.

[…] Women of Power event celebrates some of the most popular heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, bringing them together in a unique way for the first time.

Peter Phillips, EVP/GM, Interactive and Digital Distribution, Marvel Entertainment

Black Widow as featured in a new Funko Pop! figure in honor of Captain America: Civil War is also being released during the Women of Power event!

We will also see all-new products releases honoring these legendary heroines starting in March and continuing throughout Spring/Summer 2016.

Many of these exciting new product releases were shown at New York Toy Fair in February 2016, an event that features new figures, playsets, and collectibles.

Merchandise featuring popular characters such as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Silk, Gamora, Kitty Pryde, and more were amongst the iconic superheroic females presented at the event.

More news on this celebration of ladies will be announced as it’s released – stay tuned!

Who is your favorite Marvel superheroine or supervillainess? Are you excited about the Women of Power celebration? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Destini Nash

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