What’s in the Box? Loot Crate Edition



What box is this?:

Loot Crate

Is there a theme?:

Yes. This month’s theme is Dead. The items in the box are from Deadpool and The Walking Dead.



Loot Crate T-Shirt (Deadpool)Item:

Deadpool T-Shirt

Estimated Value:


Would I personally buy this:

Yes. I love the design and the shirt was a good quality.



Walking Dead Mini FigureItem:

Walking Dead Lego Mini Fig



Would I personally buy this?:

No. Although I love The Walking Dead I found the figure’s quality wasn’t very good. I don’t know if it was the specific figure I got but it wouldn’t stay together no matter how hard I tried. I got so frustrated that I ended up throwing it away.


The Walking Dead Zombie Ears Soap on a Rope.

Estimated Value:


Would I personally buy this?:

Maybe. If I were cosplaying as Daryl I would definitely consider it. This product is licensed by AMC and it seems to be good quality but it’s not something I would personally look for as a collectible.



QMX Deadpool Figure
Loot Crate Exclusive

Estimated Value:

$10 to $50 on Ebay

Would I personally buy this item?:

Yes! If I had the money on hand and saw it in a store I’d definitely buy it. The quality is really good and it’s a fun figure. Plus Deadpool is kind of awesome. 😉

Cost of the box:


Total value of the box:

$41+ depending on how much you spend on the Deadpool figure and Zombie Ears.

Did you get value for your money?:

Yes. Loot Crate is well-known for giving you a lot of value for the $21 you spend on the box. However, this was not one of their best boxes. We only received four items, not including the Loot Crate pin, and I ended up throwing away one of the items because of its quality.

Would I personally buy this box again?:

Yes. As I said Loot Crate is very known for having one of the best mystery boxes around. So they are a good company in my personal opinion.

Where can I buy this box?:

Loot Crate’s Website

All photos were taken by me personally. If you use them please credit Talk Nerdy With Us.

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